How to do Multicloud and Keep Your Job

White paper by Gigaom, published on 7/17/2019

This 1-hour on-demand webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in multicloud, featuring GigaOm analyst David Linthicum and special guest from CloudHealth, John McLoughlin. The discussion will focus on how to make multicloud work the first time, and not become a cloud failure statistic.

There is a lot of research indicating how the use of multicloud architectures within enterprises are growing. Indeed, a lot of companies are already multicloud, and this architecture is becoming a deliberate choice. Multicloud is becoming the new normal paradigm for enterprises and is a logical evolution from hybrid workloads, and one that is likely to drive us into the future.

So, what does leveraging multicloud mean exactly? There are many upsides, such as the ability to leverage best-of-breed technologies and reduce risk, but the challenge of multicloud management is maintaining high levels of excellence while combating the rising complexity operating varieties of infrastructures creates. The purpose of this webinar is to explore that concept, including understanding how to make multicloud work the first time. Hopefully, keeping your job in the process.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

- The current adoption patterns of multicloud
- Top 5 things that cloud practitioners need to think of now in order to be successful
- Key tools that are making a difference
- Emerging best and worst practices to multicloud success or failure

Tags: Cloud, Hires

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