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SDN News

Tuesday Roundup: Verizon, Digital Realty, ADVA, and Virgin Media
by Telecom Ramblings on 8/15/2017
Tags: Digital Realty, Verizon, Amazon, Apple, London, SDN, Virtual, United Kingdom, Cloud, Networking

Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of August 12
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/12/2017
Tags: Nevada, California, Facebook, Google, kt, Las Vegas, San Francisco, SDN, Data Center Design, IBM, VMware, Twitter, Hewlett Packard, Storage, Colocation, USA, Cloud, Networking

HPE Deal Big Switch’s Latest Step in Becoming VMware of Data Center Networks
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/9/2017
Tags: VMware, Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Google, Juniper, EMC, SDN, Modular, Virtual, Cloud, Networking

Lumina Networks takes aim at SDN market, taps Juniper, Brocade executive Coward as CEO
by Fierce Telecom on 8/7/2017
Tags: Brocade, SDN, Juniper

What’s Behind AT&T’s Big Bet on Edge Computing
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/31/2017
Tags: Texas, USA, California, Cisco, Microsoft, Telefonica, 451 Research, Juniper, Brocade, Austin, San Francisco, AT&T, SDN, Cloud, Colocation, Virtual, Green, Networking

Digital Realty Buys Stake in Cloud Connectivity Enabler Megaport
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/28/2017
Tags: Australia, Digital Realty, California, Telx, Amazon, Microsoft, San Francisco, Europe, Brisbane, Equinix, Apple, SDN, Google, Colocation, Cloud, Stock, Virtual, USA, Networking, Merger and more..

Roundtable: A Look Into the Multi-Cloud Future
by Data Center Frontier on 7/27/2017
Tags: RagingWire, Twitter, Facebook, SDN, Cloud, Dedicated Server, Colocation, Cooling, Hires

AT&T’s dedication to NFV, SDN technologies will enhance business profitability, says analyst
by Fierce Telecom on 7/26/2017
Tags: AT&T, SDN, Virtual

Industry Spotlight: euNetworks’ Brady Rafuse on European Fiber
by Telecom Ramblings on 7/26/2017
Tags: United Kingdom, Europe, euNetworks, CenturyLink, XO, Interoute, Lightower, London, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Level 3, Slough, SDN, Verizon, Construction, Virtual, Networking, Colocation, Cloud and more..

AT&T to Build Edge Data Center Network for Self-Driving Cars, VR/AR
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/24/2017
Tags: Texas, AT&T, NTT, T-Mobile, Austin, Japan, SDN, Amazon, Verizon, Colocation, Cloud, Virtual, Networking, USA, Merger

Google Brings Tech That Made YouTube Faster to Its Cloud Services
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/20/2017
Tags: Google, 451 Research, CDN, SDN, Cloud, Storage, Networking

DOE receives first installment of anti-cyberwarfare networking technology
by Fierce Telecom on 7/20/2017
Tags: SDN, Networking

Open Security Controller Waiting for Developer Interest
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/14/2017
Tags: California, Intel, San Francisco, SDN, Cloud, Virtual, USA, Networking

Vodafone: SDN, NFV adoption will force businesses to adopt a more homogenized infrastructure
by Fierce Telecom on 7/7/2017
Tags: SDN, SDN

Vodafone: SDN, NFV will force businesses to homogenize their infrastructure
by Fierce Telecom on 7/7/2017
Tags: SDN, SDN

Friday Bytes: Zayo, Digital Realty, Ciena, Nokia
by Telecom Ramblings on 6/30/2017
Tags: Digital Realty, Zayo, Seattle, SDN, Washington, Stock

Data Center Customers Are Turning to Network Interconnection Platforms That Offer Greater Reliability, Security and Scalability
by Telecom Newsroom on 6/29/2017
Tags: USA, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, SDN, Cloud, Networking, Colocation

Windstream’s entry into ONAP reflects telco’s ongoing SDN migration
by Fierce Telecom on 6/28/2017
Tags: SDN, Green, Virtual, Networking

Wednesday Bytes: Windstream, Peak 10, Megapath, 8×8, Ciena
by Telecom Ramblings on 6/28/2017
Tags: Peak 10, ViaWest, Canada, Luxembourg, SDN, Green, Cloud

AT&T, Leidos to implement SDN for DISA network
by Fierce Telecom on 6/26/2017
Tags: SDN, AT&T

Why Interconnection Matters to Wholesale Colocation
by Data Center Frontier on 6/26/2017
Tags: RagingWire, SDN, Cloud, Colocation, Storage, Networking

Planning for the New Windows Server Cadence
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/23/2017
Tags: Microsoft, kt, Cloud, SDN, Green, Modular, Storage, Virtual, Networking

New CEO for CENX
by Telecom Ramblings on 6/20/2017
Tags: Verizon, SDN, Merger

NTT Communications Takes Its SD-WAN Global
by Telecom Ramblings on 6/20/2017
Tags: NTT, Michigan, Japan, SDN, USA, Merger, Cloud

PacketFabric CTO to Join CEO Roundtable Exploring Innovative Interconnections and Their Impact on Business
by Telecom Newsroom on 6/15/2017
Tags: New York, USA, Facebook, New Jersey, Jersey, SDN, Microsoft, Twitter, New York City, Cloud, Colocation, Networking

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