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Google Expands Cloud Data Center Plans, Asserts Hardware, Connectivity Leadership
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/9/2017
Tags: California, Google, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, USA, Brazil, India, Gartner, Structure Research, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Sydney, San Francisco, Amazon, Virginia, Canada, Netherlands, Finland and more..

Switch Launches Its Pyramid-Shaped Data Center in Michigan
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/9/2017
Tags: USA, Michigan, Nevada, Canada, Illinois, Italy, Washington, Thailand, Toronto, Amazon, eBay, Chicago, Las Vegas, Virginia, New York, Grand Rapids, Networking

Colo Customers Organize to Seek Greener Power
by Data Center Frontier on 3/3/2017
Tags: Nevada, California, Equinix, Digital Realty, Akamai, eBay, Facebook, Google, Oracle, VMware, Las Vegas, Virginia, San Diego, Cloud, Green, Storage, Networking, Colocation, USA, Hewlett Packard and more..

DuPont Fabros Entering Phoenix Data Center Market
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/2/2017
Tags: Arizona, Phoenix, USA, Illinois, California, Canada, Oregon, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Virginia, Toronto, Portland, Intel, Oracle, QTS, ViaWest, Digital Realty, Apple, CyrusOne, eBay and more..

Former eBay CEO Joins ServiceNow as CEO and President
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/1/2017
Tags: eBay, IBM, Intel, Cloud, Merger, Hires

The Cloud Becomes A Major Force in Green Energy
by Data Center Frontier on 2/28/2017
Tags: Nebraska, California, Oregon, San Diego, San Jose, Omaha, Portland, Texas, Nevada, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Washington, Microsoft, Iowa, Yahoo, Equinix, Digital Realty, Amazon and more..

Switch Launches Its First Enormous Reno Data Center
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/15/2017
Tags: USA, Nevada, California, Michigan, Italy, Thailand, Green, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Apple, eBay, Networking, Construction

Switch Opens 1.3 Million SF Data Center at Citadel Campus
by Data Center Frontier on 2/15/2017
Tags: Nevada, California, eBay, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Construction, Green, Networking, USA, Colocation, Cloud, Cooling, Outage

Green Data Center Conference Returns to La Jolla, CA
by Data Center Frontier on 1/18/2017
Tags: California, USA, Yahoo, San Diego, Supercomputer, Data Center Design, eBay, Green, Networking

Magento Gets $250 Million from Baidu, Tencent Investor to Fuel Worldwide Expansion
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/10/2017
Tags: eBay, Rackspace, China, Asia, Cloud, Construction, Merger

Greenpeace: The Cloud is Getting Greener, But Work Remains
by Data Center Frontier on 1/10/2017
Tags: Nevada, eBay, Facebook, Google, Las Vegas, Virginia, New York, Amazon, Apple, Green, USA, Colocation, Cloud, Networking

Japan’s Once-Dominant Carmakers Face Pay Hikes to Lure Data Center Geeks
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/4/2017
Tags: Japan, USA, California, Silicon Valley, Texas, Netherlands, China, India, Indonesia, eBay, Tokyo, Microsoft, Asia, Cloud, Hires

Are You Getting Everything Your Data Center Design is Meant to Deliver?
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/28/2016
Tags: Data Center Design, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Green, eBay, Construction, Networking, Cloud

Infrastructure Masons: Data Centers Can Be Faster, Sexier
by Data Center Frontier on 11/18/2016
Tags: USA, Nevada, California, Dell, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, India, eBay, UPS, Hires, Networking, United Kingdom, Cloud

Learning to Scale Rapidly (and Inexpensively) at Big Internet Speed
by Data Center Frontier on 11/8/2016
Tags: Cisco, CyrusOne, eBay, Colocation, Cloud, Virtual

Chinese Bitcoin Firm Says It’s Building a 135 MW Powerhouse
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/7/2016
Tags: Nevada, USA, Las Vegas, New York, eBay, China, Construction, Green, Virtual, Networking, UPS

Google Fires Back at EU Allegations in a Blog Post
by The Hosting News on 11/4/2016
Tags: Google, eBay, Amazon, Europe

Google Attacks EU Case That ‘Doesn't Fit the Reality'
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/3/2016
Tags: Google, USA, Belgium, Europe, Brussels, Amazon, eBay, California, Networking

Cockcroft, the Man Behind Netflix’s Move to AWS, Joins AWS
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/25/2016
Tags: California, Amazon, IBM, VMware, Silicon Valley, eBay, USA, Google, Cloud

AWS Names Adrian Cockcroft VP of Cloud Architecture
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/25/2016
Tags: Amazon, eBay, Cloud

Wipro to acquire Appirio
by on 10/21/2016
Tags: Indiana, India, Ireland, California, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, Indianapolis, Jaipur, London, Dublin, San Francisco, eBay, Facebook, Tokyo, Cloud, Merger

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: September
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/7/2016
Tags: USA, California, Equinix, Digital Realty, Google, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Twitter, EdgeConneX, Silicon Valley, Washington, Iowa, Outage, Data Center Design, Amazon, Dell, eBay, Emerson, Facebook and more..

Intel and Cloudera Introduce Open Source Cybersecurity Project Apache Spot
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/29/2016
Tags: Intel, Cloud, New York, eBay, USA

Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of September 23
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/24/2016
Tags: Equinix, Digital Realty, Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Silicon Valley, USA, California, Cloud, Construction, Networking, UPS, Hires

Ex-eBay Infrastructure Chief Takes Over Uber Data Center Strategy
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/19/2016
Tags: Virginia, eBay, Arizona, Texas, Utah, California, Dallas, Phoenix, Washington, Colorado, North America, Santa Clara, Salt Lake City, Ashburn, Intel, Microsoft, Digital Realty, Gartner, Facebook, Google and more..

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