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Infrastructure Masons Creates Data Center Ratings System
by Data Center Frontier on 4/20/2017
Tags: eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, CPI, 451 Research, Colocation, Cloud, Cooling, UPS, Outage, Green, Networking

Why Microsoft Says ARM Chips Can Replace Half of Its Data Center Muscle
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/13/2017
Tags: California, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, USA, CPI, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Google, IBM, Storage, Green, Cloud, UPS, Construction

The Cabinet is Critical to Managing Edge Compute Sites for IoT
by Data Center Frontier on 2/20/2017
Tags: DCIM, Intel, CPI, Networking, UPS

Who’s Responsible for Airflow Management in Colocation Data Centers?
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/12/2017
Tags: Equinix, Digital Realty, Sabey, CPI, Colocation, Cooling, Hires

Executive Roundtable: Cooling Guides New Data Center Designs
by Data Center Frontier on 11/7/2016
Tags: Texas, Virginia, Data Center Design, Emerson, Twitter, CPI, Dallas, Ashburn, Facebook, RagingWire, USA, Cooling, UPS, Green, Modular, Cloud, Colocation, Construction

Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud: Which Option is Cheaper?
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/17/2016
Tags: Microsoft, VMware, 451 Research, CPI, Europe, Cloud

Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud: Which Offers a Lower Total Cost of Ownership?
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/17/2016
Tags: Microsoft, VMware, 451 Research, CPI, Europe, Cloud

Going Above and Beyond the Four Trends That are Driving the Intelligent PDU Market
by Data Center Frontier on 10/3/2016
Tags: Intel, DCIM, Active Power, CPI, Emerson, USA, UPS, Green, Storage, Virtual, Networking, Cooling

Data Center Optimization: A guide to better efficiency and rack density
by Data Center Frontier on 9/20/2016
Tags: Gartner, CPI, Cloud, Cooling, UPS

The Case for Three Phase PDUs
by Data Center Frontier on 7/28/2016
Tags: CPI, Europe, Storage, Virtual, Networking

Int’l Bytes: Orange, Aqua Comms, Interoute, Verizon, AT&T
by Telecom Ramblings on 7/21/2016
Tags: France, Verizon, Interoute, United Kingdom, USA, AT&T, CenturyLink, Cisco, Juniper, kt, CPI, Germany, SDN, Netherlands, London, Belgium, Paris, New York, Networking, Cloud and more..

CPI’s new customer platform makes the move to Interoute’s networked cloud
by on 7/21/2016
Tags: France, CPI, Interoute, Paris, Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Cloud, London, Financial, United Kingdom, Networking

APDC see property revaluation increase
by on 7/13/2016
Tags: Australia, Sydney, Perth, CBRE, CPI, Asia, Melbourne

TCS partners with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
by on 7/6/2016
Tags: Ireland, CPI, Cloud, Stock, Virtual

More Acquisition Action Ahead for the Data Center Sector
by Data Center Frontier on 4/7/2016
Tags: DCIM, Amazon, Cisco, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Telecity, Twitter, CPI, Virginia, Equinix, Digital Realty, Cloud, Merger, Colocation

The State of DCIM in 2016
by Data Center Frontier on 4/6/2016
Tags: DCIM, Digital Realty, Facebook, Intel, Twitter, CPI, SDN, Cloud, Networking, Hires, Hewlett Packard

Hybrid Cloud: What It Means for Multi-Tenant Data Centers
by Data Center Frontier on 4/5/2016
Tags: DCIM, Facebook, Intel, SoftLayer, Twitter, CPI, Silicon Valley, Digital Realty, USA, California, Colocation, Storage, Construction, Managed hosting, Cloud

Executive Roundtable: Cloud Trends for 2016
by Data Center Frontier on 4/4/2016
Tags: DCIM, Equinix, Digital Realty, Twitter, CPI, Intel, UPS, Verizon, Facebook, CenturyLink, Cloud, Outage, Storage, Merger, CoreSite

Considerations for an Effective Fiber Optic Cable Installation
by Data Center Frontier on 3/28/2016
Tags: CPI, Modular, Networking

Products and News Announced at Data Center World 2016
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/17/2016
Tags: DCIM, Las Vegas, Washington, North America, Modular, CPI, Nevada, USA, Construction, Green, UPS, Virtual, Networking, Cooling, Outage, United Kingdom, Cloud

Selecting the right PDU for your High Efficiency Data Center
by Data Center Frontier on 3/9/2016
Tags: CPI, Data Center Design, Hewlett Packard, Cloud, Cooling, UPS, Supercomputer, Virtual

Finding the Biggest Opportunity for Data Center Energy Savings
by Data Center Frontier on 3/2/2016
Tags: CPI, Cooling

Depicting the True Value of Airflow Containment
by Data Center Frontier on 1/18/2016
Tags: CPI, USA, Cooling, UPS, Storage

Scripps taps Chatsworth for data centre upgrade
by on 11/26/2015
Tags: CPI, Singapore, New York, Asia, Cooling, USA, Networking

Scripps taps Chatsworth for datacentre upgrade
by on 11/26/2015
Tags: CPI, Singapore, New York, Asia, Cooling, USA, Networking

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