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Servers News

What’s Fueling the Rise of Micro Data Centers
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/27/2017
Tags: DCIM, California, Los Angeles, Modular, Servers, Virtual, Gartner, Outage, Cloud, Networking, APC, Cooling, USA, Storage

Webair to Present at Data Center World and HostingCon Global 2017
by Telecom Newsroom on 3/21/2017
Tags: The Netherlands, California, USA, Digital Realty, Facebook, Twitter, Disaster Recovery, SDN, Servers, Storage, Virtual, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, CDN, Colocation, Managed hosting, Networking, Cloud and more..

A Few Things You Can’t Learn About Web Hosting from Wikipedia
by The Hosting News on 3/13/2017
Tags: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Servers, Outage, Webhosting

Microsoft Boosts Hopes That ARM Servers Can Power The Cloud
by Data Center Frontier on 3/13/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Servers, Intel, UPS, Hewlett Packard, Cloud, Green, Storage, Virtual, Supercomputer, Merger

Webair to Present at DatacenterDynamics Enterprise New York
by Telecom Newsroom on 3/10/2017
Tags: USA, The Netherlands, Massachusetts, California, New York, CDN, Disaster Recovery, Servers, Storage, Twitter, Boston, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Facebook, Colocation, Cloud

OCP Launches Marketplace for Open Source Data Center Hardware
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/8/2017
Tags: California, USA, Microsoft, Facebook, Servers, Japan, Taiwan, Santa Clara, Cloud, Networking, Hewlett Packard, Storage

Microsoft Said to Cut Purchases of HPE Servers for Cloud Service
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/2/2017
Tags: Microsoft, California, Servers, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Los Angeles, Washington, Financial, Dell, Google, Cloud, Storage, USA, Stock

How to Get a Data Center Job at Facebook
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/27/2017
Tags: Facebook, DCIM, Apple, North Carolina, Sweden, Servers, Google, USA, Merger, Hires

Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of February 17
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/18/2017
Tags: The Netherlands, Illinois, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Microsoft, Twitter, Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Toronto, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Servers, Equinix, Facebook, Google, Asia, USA, Stock and more..

Equinix Accelerates Global Data Center Expansion
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/16/2017
Tags: The Netherlands, Illinois, Florida, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chicago, Miami, Virginia, Japan, Europe, North America, Toronto, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Servers, Equinix, Telecity, Verizon, Amsterdam and more..

You Can Now Plug Directly Into Salesforce Servers at Equinix Data Centers
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/15/2017
Tags: Equinix, Germany, California, Servers, Digital Realty, Amazon, CoreSite, QTS, SoftLayer, Verizon, Frankfurt, Silicon Valley, Virginia, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Networking, USA, Colocation and more..

This Server's Uptime Puts Your SLA to Shame
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/31/2017
Tags: Michigan, Servers, USA, Merger

About 200K Servers Remain with Heartbleed Unpatched
by The Hosting News on 1/25/2017
Tags: Verizon, Servers

Report: Heartbleed Remains Unpatched on Thousands of Servers
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/24/2017
Tags: Servers, Verizon, South Korea, Cloud, Virtual

HPE Acquires Hyperconverged Infrastructure Startup SimpliVity for $650M
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/18/2017
Tags: Hewlett Packard, Gartner, Servers, Cloud, Stock, Storage, Merger

What 2016’s Top Data Center Stories Say About the Industry
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/30/2016
Tags: Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Verizon, Servers, Colocation, Cloud, Hewlett Packard, Virtual, Networking

Have You Been a Naughty or Nice Data Center Manager?
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/28/2016
Tags: DCIM, New York, USA, Italy, Intel, New York City, Servers, UPS, Hires, Outage, APC, Business Continuity, Cooling

Webair to Present at PTC’17
by Telecom Newsroom on 12/13/2016
Tags: USA, The Netherlands, California, New York, Hawaii, CDN, Facebook, Level 3, Twitter, Disaster Recovery, Servers, Storage, EdgeConneX, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Colocation, Cloud, Networking, Asia, Managed hosting and more..

Virtuozzo Fixes Security Exploit that Could be Used to Hack Web Hosts' Servers
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/7/2016
Tags: Servers, Cloud, Green, Virtual

Amazon Building Custom Chips to Accelerate Cloud Networking
by Data Center Frontier on 11/30/2016
Tags: USA, Nevada, Amazon, Ohio, Oregon, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Servers, Las Vegas, California, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Virginia, Asia, Cloud, Cooling, UPS and more..

Tips and Best Practices to Protect Yourself Against Ransomware
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/28/2016
Tags: Servers, Cloud, Green, Storage

Aligned Energy’s Phoenix datacentre wins "Energy Efficiency Project Of The Year”
by on 11/23/2016
Tags: Arizona, USA, Phoenix, Servers, Modular, Green, Colocation, Construction

Aligned Energy’s Phoenix datacentre wins "Energy Efficiency Project of The Year"
by on 11/23/2016
Tags: Arizona, USA, Phoenix, Servers, Modular, Green, Colocation, Construction

DivvyCloud Launches Hosted Version of Cloud Maintenance Bots
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/16/2016
Tags: OnApp, Servers, Cloud, Modular

Report: Network Complexity Creates Security Headaches
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/16/2016
Tags: Servers, Networking, Cloud

Servers Whitepapers

Servers Reports

Inside Data Center Optics
by Lisa Huff, Discerning Analytics, LLC on 2/10/2015
Tags: SDN, Amazon, APC, Emerson, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and more..

Next-Generation Datacenter Management: From DCIM to DCSO
by 451 Research on 2/11/2014
Tags: DCIM, Amazon, eBay, Emerson, Facebook, Green, IBM, Virtual and more..

North American Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply: Top 10 Markets - 2013
by 451 Research on 12/20/2013
Tags: Texas, Florida, New York, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kansas and more..

by 451 Research on 12/16/2013
Tags: 451 Research, Florida, VMware, Parallels, London, Fort Lauderdale, Financial, IBM and more..

Beyond The Basics: A Guide to DCIM Suppliers
by 451 Research on 10/18/2013
Tags: DCIM, Cisco, Dell, Eaton, Emerson, Fortrust, IBM, Microsoft and more..

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