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Microsoft News

A Stronger Xi Means No Letup in China's Internet Restrictions
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/20/2017
Tags: China, Germany, Berlin, Apple, Beijing, Shanghai, Virtual, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Stock, Merger, Cloud

MongoDB's IPO Beats the Market Out of the Gate
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/20/2017
Tags: New York, USA, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, New York City, Google, China, Cloud, Stock

Dropbox Seeks More Paying Customers Ahead of Expected IPO
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/17/2017
Tags: California, Google, Microsoft, San Francisco, Cloud, USA, Stock

Is it just me or did September go by fast?
by Data Center Journal on 10/17/2017
Tags: Nevada, Florida, Orlando, Las Vegas, Microsoft, USA

Microsoft Email-Access Fight With U.S. Gets Supreme Court Review
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/16/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Google, Verizon, Yahoo, New York, Ireland, USA, Storage, Merger

Inside Microsoft’s Quest to Make Quantum Computing Scalable
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/11/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Microsoft

Microsoft Data Centers in Ireland to Use Energy from GE Wind Farm
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/9/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Ireland, Europe, Green

Microsoft Says Azure Outage Caused by Accidental Fire-Suppression Gas Release
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/4/2017
Tags: Outage, Microsoft, Outage

GoDaddy Adds More Women to Senior Leadership Roles in Diversity Push
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/3/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Hires

Oracle Brings Blockchain-as-a-Service to Its Cloud
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/3/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Oracle, Cloud, IBM, Microsoft

Two Acquisitions Consolidate Local Hosting and Data Center Markets
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/3/2017
Tags: Florida, Indiana, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Equinix, 365 Data Centers, Microsoft, Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Australia, India, Asia, USA, Colocation and more..

CenturyLink/Level3 Agree to Divest Some Fiber, Gain Approval
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/2/2017
Tags: USA, CenturyLink, Idaho, Arizona, Facebook, Google, Level 3, Microsoft, Telia, Verizon, NTT, Zayo, California, Boise, Tucson, Amazon, Merger, Networking, Cloud, Green and more..

Report: Microsoft Buys Land in Silicon Valley for Huge Data Center
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/2/2017
Tags: California, Silicon Valley, Microsoft, USA

Report: Amazon Cloud Market Share Growth to Suffer as Alibaba, Google Gain
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/29/2017
Tags: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Gartner, Australia, Japan, Europe, Cloud, Construction, Virtual

Microsoft CEO Urges Tech to Focus on Self-Policing Not Regulation Fears
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/29/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Microsoft

European Commission Demands Social Media Tackle Illegal Content
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/28/2017
Tags: Europe, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Germany, Microsoft, Green

Microsoft Launches Pilot Natural Gas-Powered Data Center in Seattle
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/27/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Seattle, Washington, Construction, UPS

Deloitte Email Platform and Client Data Hit by Cyberattack
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/26/2017
Tags: Intel, Microsoft, Stock, Cloud

Microsoft's Nadella Says AI Should Mean Cooperation, Not Threat
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/26/2017
Tags: Microsoft, California, Google, IBM, kt, India, Cloud, Silicon Valley, Washington, Virtual, Supercomputer, USA, Hires

Microsoft Switches to Multi-Zone Cloud Regions, Catching Up to AWS, Google Cloud
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/22/2017
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Cloud, Networking

Facebook and Microsoft's High-Capacity Submarine Cable to Europe Complete
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/22/2017
Tags: Virginia, Microsoft, Europe, Facebook, Google, North Carolina, Spain, Portugal, Africa, North America, Ashburn, Telx, Amazon, Cloud, Telefonica, Construction, United Kingdom, USA, Colocation

PHOTOS: Marea, Facebook and Microsoft's Fat Subsea Pipe to Europe
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/22/2017
Tags: Construction, Facebook, Microsoft, Europe, Construction

Facebook and Microsoft’s High-Capacity Submarine Cable to Europe Complete
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/22/2017
Tags: Europe, Facebook, Microsoft, Europe

Marea Cable Is Complete
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/22/2017
Tags: Telx, Facebook, Microsoft, Virginia, New York, Spain, USA, Networking

Tata names Microsoft, CenturyLink veteran Laskey to head up Americas region
by Fierce Telecom on 9/21/2017
Tags: CenturyLink, Microsoft, USA

Microsoft Reports

Inside Data Center Optics
by Lisa Huff, Discerning Analytics, LLC on 2/10/2015
Tags: SDN, Amazon, APC, Emerson, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and more..

Next-Generation Datacenter Management: From DCIM to DCSO
by 451 Research on 2/11/2014
Tags: DCIM, Amazon, eBay, Emerson, Facebook, IBM, Virtual, Green and more..

Cloud Clients and Virtual Clients
by 451 Research on 12/23/2013
Tags: kt, CenturyLink, Amazon, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and more..

Of the Cloud, for the Cloud: The State of the Art in IT Performance Management
by 451 Research on 12/20/2013
Tags: Equinix, Amazon, Akamai, Datapipe, Dell, Google, IBM, Microsoft and more..

Prefabricated Modular Datacenters: 2014 and Beyond
by 451 Research on 12/19/2013
Tags: DCIM, Dell, Microsoft, eBay, CPI, Emerson, Storage, IBM and more..

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