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Brocade News

Tuesday Bytes: DISH, T-Mobile, Internap, AMS-IX
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/14/2017
Tags: Internap, USA, The Netherlands, California, euNetworks, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Equinix, Brocade, Networking, T-Mobile, Cloud, GlobalSwitch, Peering

Park Place Technologies acquires Ardent Support Technologies
by on 11/17/2016
Tags: Cisco, Dell, IBM, Level 3, Oracle, Juniper, Brocade, EMC, New Hampshire, Canada, USA, Storage, Merger, Hewlett Packard

Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of Oct. 31
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/5/2016
Tags: CenturyLink, CyrusOne, Facebook, Level 3, Microsoft, Twitter, Brocade, Europe, Asia, North America, Storage, USA, Colocation, Cloud, Stock, Networking, Merger

Broadcom to acquire Brocade for US$5.9 billion
by on 11/3/2016
Tags: Brocade, Stock, Storage, Networking, Merger

Not Really a Bro-mance: Broadcom Wanted Brocade’s FC Storage
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/2/2016
Tags: Brocade, California, San Jose, SDN, San Francisco, Storage, Virtual, USA, Networking, Cloud, Merger

Broadcom to Buy Brocade for $5.9 Billion to Expand in Cloud
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/2/2016
Tags: California, USA, Brocade, Cisco, Financial, San Jose, Singapore, Cloud, Merger, Stock, Storage, Networking

Vendor M&A: Broadcom Buys Brocade
by Telecom Ramblings on 11/2/2016
Tags: Brocade, Storage, Networking, Merger

Brocade Communications in Advanced Talks to Sell Itself
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/1/2016
Tags: California, USA, Brocade, Cisco, San Jose, Storage, Networking, Cloud, Stock

Brocade delivers new datacentre routing solution
by on 9/14/2016
Tags: Brocade, Gartner, Cloud, Networking

Brocade analytics monitoring platform delivers unprecedented insight into storage networks
by on 8/26/2016
Tags: Brocade, Gartner, Storage, Cloud, Virtual, Networking

Navigating the Data Center Networking Landscape
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/27/2016
Tags: Cisco, Dell, VMware, Gartner, Juniper, Brocade, SDN, Cloud, Hewlett Packard, Virtual, Networking

Brocade helps DLT Solutions
by on 6/28/2016
Tags: Brocade, Cloud, Construction, Storage, Virtual, Networking

Elliott Targets Tech Buyouts With Evergreen Private Equity Arm
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/24/2016
Tags: USA, California, EMC, New York, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, Argentina, Silicon Valley, Green, Stock, Merger

McDermott joins Brocade as Director of Infrastructure Analytics for APJ
by on 6/22/2016
Tags: Brocade, Sydney, Japan, Australia, Storage, Asia

Wednesday Roundup: Zayo, Epsilon, CENX, Allied Fiber
by Telecom Ramblings on 6/1/2016
Tags: Zayo, Brocade, Phoenix, Portugal, SDN, USA, Arizona, Cloud, Networking

AMS-IX USA Inc. to Host MORE-IP U.S. 2016
by Telecom Newsroom on 5/18/2016
Tags: USA, The Netherlands, Illinois, Telx, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Chicago, New York, Brocade, CoreSite, Digital Realty, Hurricane Electric, Networking, Cloud, Peering

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of May 13
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/14/2016
Tags: CyrusOne, Facebook, Google, Intel, Twitter, Brocade, Chicago, China, SDN, USA, Illinois, Stock, Merger, Colocation

CPU migrates to the cloud with new IP Network from Brocade
by on 5/12/2016
Tags: Brocade, China, Cloud, Storage, Virtual, Networking

Data Center Transformation Will Unfold in Four Steps
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/11/2016
Tags: Texas, USA, Amazon, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Austin, Equinix, SDN, VMware, Verizon, Juniper, Brocade, Virtual, Cloud, Modular, Networking

Evan Powell joins Cloudian Advisory Board
by on 5/11/2016
Tags: Brocade, Asia, Cloud, Storage, Virtual

NxtGen leverages Brocade New IP Networking Technology to increase business growth and innovation
by on 4/25/2016
Tags: Brocade, Microsoft, Intel, India, Asia, Cloud, Virtual, Networking

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of April 22nd
by Data Center Knowledge on 4/23/2016
Tags: eBay, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Twitter, Brocade, Atlanta, USA, Georgia, Cloud, Modular, Networking, Cooling

Data Center Guru Mark Thiele Makes a Switch, Joins Cloud Startup
by Data Center Knowledge on 4/20/2016
Tags: Nevada, USA, Las Vegas, Michigan, Thailand, Brocade, VMware, Italy, Networking, Cloud, Modular

Brocade to acquire Ruckus Wireless to build networking company
by on 4/5/2016
Tags: Brocade, Merger, USA, Storage, Stock, Networking

Brocade buys StackStorm for DevOps
by on 3/30/2016
Tags: Brocade, Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, Cloud, Storage, Networking

Brocade Reports

Inside Data Center Optics
by Lisa Huff, Discerning Analytics, LLC on 2/10/2015
Tags: SDN, Amazon, APC, Emerson, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and more..

The OpenStack Tipping Point
by 451 Research on 4/15/2013
Tags: China, Japan, 451 Research, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Amazon, Cisco and more..

Brocade Whitepapers

The IDC Market Spotlight on Network Automation and Agility
by Brocade Communications Systems on 9/5/2014
Tags: Cloud, Virtual, Networking, Brocade

IDC Paper: Foundation for DC Automation and Business Agility
by Brocade Communications Systems on 8/21/2014
Tags: Cloud, Networking, Virtual, Brocade

Is Your Data Center Ready For SDN?
by Brocade on 6/6/2014
Tags: SDN, Brocade, Virtual, Networking

Enabling an Open Cloud Network Through Brocade and OpenStack
by Brocade Communications Systems on 9/26/2013
Tags: Brocade, Cloud

The Total Economic Impact Of Brocade VCS Fabric Technology
by Brocade Communications Systems on 9/26/2013
Tags: Brocade, Brocade

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