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China News

Alibaba and Red Hat Partner to Take RHEL-as-a-Service to China's Largest Cloud
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/16/2017
Tags: China, Cloud

Your Computer Might Be Working for Currency Miners
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/13/2017
Tags: Google, California, China, Germany, Russia, USA, Cloud

Nuage snags SDN-based project with China’s CPIC, signals movement into enterprise space
by Fierce Telecom on 10/5/2017
Tags: CPI, China, SDN, Asia

Level 3 Expands Security Footprint
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/2/2017
Tags: Level 3, Australia, Japan, South Africa, CenturyLink, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, China, Russia, Europe, Africa, North America, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Merger, Asia, USA, Construction

VIRTUS Plans New London Campus
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/28/2017
Tags: London, Singapore, India, China, Slough, Stock, United Kingdom, Construction

Baidu Invites China's Cybercops to Label, Rebut Fake News
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/28/2017
Tags: China, Twitter, Shanghai, Facebook, Outage

China’s Quantum Net Advance Offers a Glimpse into the Future of Enterprise Security
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/20/2017
Tags: China, China

Int’l Roundup: Keppel, Tata, China Telecom Global, Digital Realty
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/18/2017
Tags: China Telecom, China, Dublin, Singapore, Australia, India, Europe, Ireland, Digital Realty, Construction, Green, Merger, Dupont Fabros, Cloud

China Telecom Global employs Versa as its global SD-WAN platform
by Fierce Telecom on 9/15/2017
Tags: China, China Telecom

Rackspace Adds Multi-Cloud Heft with Datapipe Acquisition
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/11/2017
Tags: Datapipe, Rackspace, Equinix, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Brazil, China, Europe, Russia, Financial, Cloud, Colocation, Managed hosting, Merger

Meet the WHIR at THE MERGE SHOW This October
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/6/2017
Tags: Florida, USA, Orlando, China, Networking, Cloud

Int’l Roundup: Liquid, BICS, China Mobile, Liberty
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/5/2017
Tags: France, China, Europe, Asia, Africa, Marseille, Juniper, Paris, Interxion, Networking, Construction, Virtual

Trump Effect Could Cost U.S. Cloud Providers Over $10 Billion: Report
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/31/2017
Tags: Washington, China, Russia, Europe, USA, Cloud

India's Crackdown on Chinese Technology Companies Gathering Pace
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/24/2017
Tags: India, Apple, Taiwan, Mumbai, Gartner, China, Virtual

5G realities
by Telecom Ramblings on 8/21/2017
Tags: Japan, China, Tokyo, Spain, South Korea, Barcelona, Shanghai, United Kingdom, Telefonica

Lenovo Posts Surprise Loss as PC Sales Crater, Costs Climb
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/18/2017
Tags: Dell, IBM, Hong Kong, China, Hewlett Packard, Stock, Modular, Green, Virtual

Industrial Internet of Things and the Data Center
by Data Center Frontier on 8/14/2017
Tags: DCIM, India, Europe, North America, Gartner, Servers, China, Construction, USA, Cooling, Storage, Networking, Outage

Chinese Regulator Starts Probe Into Tencent, Weibo and Baidu
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/11/2017
Tags: China, Beijing, Twitter, Stock

Exec’s Departure Hints at Problems in Lenovo’s Data Center Business
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/4/2017
Tags: Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gartner, kt, China, North America, Asia, USA

Indonesia Says Google Agrees to Monitor Negative YouTube Content
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/4/2017
Tags: Indonesia, Google, Facebook, China, Europe, Jakarta, Twitter, Asia

Microsoft's Cloud Market Share Grew More than Anyone Else's Last Quarter — Analysts
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/1/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, China, Rackspace, Cloud, Construction

Microsoft’s Cloud Market Share Grew More than Anyone Else’s Last Quarter — Analysts
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/1/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, China, Rackspace, Stock, Cloud, Construction

Alphabet Wants To Fix Clean Energy’s Storage Problem — With Salt
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/1/2017
Tags: California, USA, Google, Silicon Valley, China, Germany, Malta, Storage, Networking, Green

China Communists to Punish Members Who Visit `Illegal Websites'
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/1/2017
Tags: China, Facebook, New York, Apple, Beijing, USA, Twitter, Virtual, Hires

Apple Removes VPN Apps in China Not Compliant With Local Rules
by Web Host Industry Review on 7/31/2017
Tags: Apple, China, Virtual

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