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Wednesday Roundup: Centurylink, RETN, HFN
by Telecom Ramblings on 4/4/2018
Tags: CenturyLink, Level 3, Cologix, Moscow, New Jersey, Russia, Europe, North America, Jersey, USA, Outage, United Kingdom, Colocation

Industry Spotlight: NTT Com’s Michael Wheeler Dishes on Network Trends
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/26/2018
Tags: Texas, Florida, NTT, New York, Japan, Europe, Asia, Latin America, SDN, Google, Facebook, Dallas, Miami, Cloud, Outage, Virtual, USA, Peering

Infinera Debuts ICE5
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/12/2018
Tags: United Kingdom, Cloud, Outage, Networking

Equinix Power Outage One Reason Behind AWS Cloud Disruption
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/7/2018
Tags: Equinix, Cloud, Outage, UPS

Hurricane Electric Suffers Data Center Outage in Silicon Valley
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/22/2018
Tags: California, Hurricane Electric, Silicon Valley, Outage, USA

Network Bytes: Epsilon, Telia, Interoute, PacketFabric
by Telecom Ramblings on 1/23/2018
Tags: Telia, Interoute, New York, Digital Realty, Amazon, CoreSite, Google, IBM, Europe, Asia, North America, Jersey, Microsoft, Virginia, New Jersey, Long Island, Costa Rica, Peering, Outage, Virtual and more..

Mirai Botnet Creators Plead Guilty to Cybercrime Charges
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/14/2017
Tags: Akamai, Alaska, USA, Outage, Webhosting

LitBit's AI Data Center Operator to Keep an 'Ear' on ROOT's Montreal Facility
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/11/2017
Tags: Canada, Montreal, Outage

Disaster Recovery as a Service is Not Cloud Migration
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/6/2017
Tags: Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Outage

Creating a Plan to Optimize Content Delivery
by Data Center Journal on 12/4/2017
Tags: CDN, Cloud, Outage, Modular, Storage

The Network Operator Conundrum of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/1/2017
Tags: eBay, SDN, Outage, Construction, Virtual, Networking

Alphabet's Project Loon Balloons Restore Some Internet Access in Puerto Rico
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/13/2017
Tags: Puerto Rico, Nevada, Peru, Google, T-Mobile, US Virgin Islands, Cloud, USA, Outage

OVH to Disassemble Container Data Centers after Epic Outage in Europe
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/11/2017
Tags: Europe, Outage, Modular

Data Center Failover System Error Knocks Two Google Cloud Services Offline
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/8/2017
Tags: Google, Cloud, Outage

Level 3 Error Behind Widespread US Internet Outage
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/7/2017
Tags: Level 3, Outage

Level 3 Error Behind Widespread U.S. Internet Outage
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/7/2017
Tags: Level 3, CenturyLink, Twitter, Verizon, Comcast, Outage, Stock, Merger

Microsoft Runs a Simulation of the Entire Azure Network to Prevent Outages
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/7/2017
Tags: Outage, Microsoft

Facebook's WhatsApp Platform Suffers Connectivity Issues
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/3/2017
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, New York, Indonesia, USA, Outage

How the World of Connected Things is Changing Cloud Services Delivery
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/1/2017
Tags: Cisco, Juniper, CDN, Networking, Outage, UPS, Storage, Cloud

Stolen Code-Signing Certificates Worth $1,200 on Dark Web: Report
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/31/2017
Tags: IBM, Intel, Outage

Windstream steps up security game, debuts DDoS mitigation service
by Fierce Telecom on 10/24/2017
Tags: Outage, Green

Production Workloads in the Cloud Still Need BDR
by Data Center Journal on 10/23/2017
Tags: Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Outage

Microsoft Says Azure Outage Caused by Accidental Fire-Suppression Gas Release
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/4/2017
Tags: Outage, Microsoft

How to Fight the New Breed of DDoS Attacks on Data Centers
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/3/2017
Tags: Outage

Baidu Invites China's Cybercops to Label, Rebut Fake News
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/28/2017
Tags: China, Shanghai, Twitter, Facebook, Outage

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