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Intel News

Distributed core or edge computing? Is one better than the other?
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/15/2017
Tags: Google, Intel, Telia, Australia, Europe, North America, CDN, USA, Cloud

As U.S. Unwinds Web Rules, Industry's Voice Echoes the Loudest
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/13/2017
Tags: Arizona, Facebook, Google, Intel, Comcast, Phoenix, New York, Washington, USA, Green

TPC Establishes Artificial-Intelligence Working Group (TPC-AI)
by Data Center Journal on 12/12/2017
Tags: Intel, Intel

Security Central: The Intel on Intel
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/8/2017
Tags: Intel, Intel

Lessons from 25+ Years of Making the Internet Go Fast and Far
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/7/2017
Tags: Intel, Sprint, Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, Virtual, Networking, Storage, USA, Stock, Cloud, Construction

SD-WAN is Pivotal to Telcos’ IoT Strategy
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/5/2017
Tags: Intel, Washington, SDN, USA, Cloud, Virtual, Washington D.C, Networking

Former Intel Exec Diane Bryant Joins Google Cloud
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/4/2017
Tags: Google, Intel, Microsoft, Green, Cloud, Storage

AT&T Suit Shows Web Has Enough Rules, Open Internet Foes Say
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/22/2017
Tags: USA, California, Verizon, Comcast, San Francisco, Maryland, Pennsylvania, AT&T, Intel

OVH Launches Hosted Private Cloud to US Market
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/22/2017
Tags: VMware, Europe, Intel, Disaster Recovery, Cloud

Intel Critical Security Flaw Affects Chips in Millions of Computers, Servers
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/22/2017
Tags: Intel, Servers

CIA’s On-Prem Amazon Cloud Now Available to Other Agencies
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/20/2017
Tags: Amazon, Intel, Cloud

Researchers Discover Pentagon Intelligence Data on Open AWS S3 Buckets
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/20/2017
Tags: Intel, Intel

Tegile IntelliFlash vs. Nimble Storage
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/18/2017
Tags: Storage, Intel, Storage

USB Exploit Affects Nine Years of Intel Processors
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/13/2017
Tags: Intel, Intel

Qualcomm Begins Selling Server Chip It Says Beats Intel's
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/9/2017
Tags: Intel, Intel

Qualcomm Begins Selling Server Chip It Says Beats Intel's
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/9/2017
Tags: California, USA, Intel, Facebook, New York, San Jose, Servers, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cloud

Wix Beats Earnings Guidance on Jump in Premium Subscriptions
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/8/2017
Tags: Google, Intel, Stock

Bangalore Beats San Francisco in Confidence to Go Digital
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/8/2017
Tags: India, California, Germany, San Francisco, Japan, Intel, Silicon Valley, Berlin, Australia, Europe, Asia, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tokyo, USA, Bangalore, Cloud

Why AMD Thinks Its New Data Center Play Will Be Good for Intel
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/2/2017
Tags: Intel, Construction

Stolen Code-Signing Certificates Worth $1,200 on Dark Web: Report
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/31/2017
Tags: IBM, Intel, Outage

AT&T introduces AI platform, makes it open source
by Fierce Telecom on 10/30/2017
Tags: AT&T, Intel

AWS Launches NVIDIA Volta GPU-Powered Instances for AI Development
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/27/2017
Tags: Amazon, Intel, UPS, Asia, Green, Supercomputer

Tech Earnings Takeaway: Cloud Growth Boosts Amazon, Microsoft
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/27/2017
Tags: Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Intel, Gartner, Russia, Stock, Cloud, Storage

How Internet Content Providers Are Redefining the Optical Transport Landscape
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/27/2017
Tags: Intel, Stock, Colocation, Cloud, CDN, Green, Virtual, Networking

Google's ‘Quantum Supremacy' Moment May Not Mean What You Think
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/26/2017
Tags: Germany, Google, Berlin, Canada, Munich, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, kt, Supercomputer

Intel Reports

Inside Data Center Optics
by Lisa Huff, Discerning Analytics, LLC on 2/10/2015
Tags: SDN, Amazon, APC, Emerson, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and more..

2013-2014 Census Report : Western Europe Data Center Market Trends
by DCD Intelligence on 1/1/2014
Tags: Europe, Intel, DCIM, The Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, France and more..

Cloud Clients and Virtual Clients
by 451 Research on 12/23/2013
Tags: kt, CenturyLink, Amazon, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and more..

Prefabricated Modular Datacenters: 2014 and Beyond
by 451 Research on 12/19/2013
Tags: DCIM, Emerson, Microsoft, IBM, CPI, Dell, Storage, eBay and more..

Corporate Cloud Demand Stays Strong
by 451 Research on 11/15/2013
Tags: Verizon, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, AT&T, Wisconsin, VMware and more..

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