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HPC News

Asetek Touts Liquid Cooling Deal for HPC Data Center in Japan
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/31/2017
Tags: Japan, Cooling, Hewlett Packard, Supercomputer

AWS Launches NVIDIA Volta GPU-Powered Instances for AI Development
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/27/2017
Tags: Amazon, Intel, UPS, Asia, Green, Supercomputer

Supercomputers in the Cloud Erode another Case for Owning Data Centers
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/26/2017
Tags: Hewlett Packard, Cloud, Supercomputer

Google's ‘Quantum Supremacy' Moment May Not Mean What You Think
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/26/2017
Tags: Germany, Google, Berlin, Canada, Munich, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, kt, Supercomputer

Microsoft to Sell Supercomputer Muscle as a Cloud Service
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/23/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Cloud, Hewlett Packard, Supercomputer

Microsoft's Nadella Says AI Should Mean Cooperation, Not Threat
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/26/2017
Tags: Microsoft, California, Google, IBM, kt, India, Cloud, Silicon Valley, Washington, Virtual, Supercomputer, USA, Hires

IBM Makes Breakthrough in Race to Commercialize Quantum Computers
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/13/2017
Tags: IBM, kt, Google, Microsoft, California, Cloud, USA, Supercomputer

Colovore Pre-Leases New Phase of Water-Cooled Data Center
by Data Center Frontier on 9/13/2017
Tags: California, Oregon, USA, Santa Clara, Portland, Digital Realty, Emerson, San Diego, Cloud, Cooling, UPS, Construction, Storage, Supercomputer, Colocation, Hewlett Packard

Supercomputing Moves to the Edge With AI-Guided Drones
by Data Center Frontier on 9/7/2017
Tags: Intel, kt, Boston, USA, Massachusetts, Modular, Supercomputer, Networking, Cloud, Hewlett Packard

NVIDIA’s AI Supercomputers Help ‘Augment’ Human Site Inspectors
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/7/2017
Tags: Supercomputer, Supercomputer

A Look at the Data Center of the Future
by Data Center Frontier on 9/7/2017
Tags: DCIM, 451 Research, Raritan, Colocation, Cloud, Cooling, UPS, Modular, Storage, Virtual, Supercomputer, Hewlett Packard

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of HPC Simulations
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/25/2017
Tags: Intel, Hewlett Packard, Modular, Supercomputer

Project Brainwave: Intel FPGAs Accelerate Microsoft’s AI Hardware
by Data Center Frontier on 8/23/2017
Tags: Intel, Microsoft, Servers, Cloud, Green, Hewlett Packard, Supercomputer, Merger

Uptime in Space and Under the Sea
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/21/2017
Tags: Microsoft, California, USA, Hewlett Packard, Cloud, Cooling, Virtual, Merger, Supercomputer, Networking

IBM CEO Says Trump Advisory Forum Could No Longer Serve Purpose
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/16/2017
Tags: North Carolina, Italy, IBM, USA, Virginia, Charlotte, Rome, Supercomputer, Hires

Microsoft Acquires Cycle Computing for HPC in Azure
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/15/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cloud, Green, Merger, Supercomputer, Networking

SpaceX Rocket to Fire Hewlett Packard Supercomputer Into Orbit
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/11/2017
Tags: Hewlett Packard, Supercomputer

Switch Donates $3.4M in Data Center Services for Reno’s New Supercomputer
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/4/2017
Tags: Nevada, Dell, eBay, North America, Storage, IBM, Intel, EMC, Las Vegas, Networking, Hewlett Packard, Supercomputer, USA

DCK Investor Edge: JLL Says Cloud Data Center Hunger Has Subsided
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/1/2017
Tags: Canada, Georgia, Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, Nevada, Toronto, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Virginia, North America and more..

DataBank Building Atlanta Data Center for Georga Tech Supercomputers
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/20/2017
Tags: USA, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, California, Atlanta, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Digital Realty, Google, Verizon, 365 Data Centers, Washington, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and more..

Indiana U. Pervasive Technology Institute Draws Global Attendees to Lustre User Group Meeting
by Data Center Journal on 7/18/2017
Tags: Indiana, India, USA, Supercomputer

DataBank Project is Latest Win for Atlanta Data Center Market
by Data Center Frontier on 7/18/2017
Tags: USA, Georgia, Atlanta, North Carolina, Tennessee, Raleigh, Green, Google, QTS, New York, Alabama, Equinix, Digital Realty, 365 Data Centers, CyrusOne, Peering, Hewlett Packard, Construction, Supercomputer, Networking and more..

Google’s Quantum Computing Push Opens New Front in Cloud Battle
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/17/2017
Tags: Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Massachusetts, USA, Cloud, Storage, Supercomputer, Green

When Clouds Break: the Hidden Dangers of Cloud Computing
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/11/2017
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Colocation, Cloud, Dedicated Server, Storage, Virtual, Supercomputer

Energy Department Awards $258 Million to Develop Exascale Supercomputers
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/23/2017
Tags: IBM, Intel, Switzerland, China, Hewlett Packard, Green, Storage, Supercomputer

HPC Whitepapers

HPC Reports

Inside Data Center Optics
by Lisa Huff, Discerning Analytics, LLC on 2/10/2015
Tags: SDN, Amazon, APC, Emerson, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and more..

Cloud Management and Automation
by 451 Research on 11/6/2013
Tags: Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Rackspace and more..

Highly Energy-Efficient Datacenters in Practice
by 451 Research on 8/23/2013
Tags: Sweden, Ireland, California, Australia, Arizona, DCIM, Massachusetts, Interxion and more..

Disruptive Technologies in the Datacenter
by 451 Research on 5/17/2013
Tags: USA, California, Massachusetts, DCIM, Eaton, kt, Intel, IBM and more..

IT as a Business
by 451 Research on 8/21/2012
Tags: California, Oregon, Washington, XO, EMC, kt, New York, North America and more..

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