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The Machine of Tomorrow Today: Quantum Computing on the Verge
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/14/2017
Tags: USA, Texas, Canada, Virginia, Maryland, Vancouver, Sterling, New York, Google, IBM, Microsoft, kt, Austin, California, Supercomputer, Green

Data Center Providers Are Adjusting for High Density IT Operations
by Telecom Newsroom on 6/12/2017
Tags: Virginia, DCIM, Sterling, Ashburn, Storage, Colocation, Asia

DCK Investor Edge: CyrusOne — Catch Me If You Can
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/22/2017
Tags: Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, CyrusOne, USA, Modular, Digital Realty, Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Sterling, Dupont Fabros, Cloud, Construction, Stock, Asia

Strong Demand for Data Center Space in Northern Virginia
by Data Center Frontier on 3/23/2017
Tags: Virginia, California, Equinix, Digital Realty, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, North America, Santa Clara, RagingWire, Silicon Valley, Amazon, Ashburn, Sterling, Apple, CyrusOne, Facebook, Colocation, Cloud, Networking and more..

Loudoun County Prepares for Next Phase of Cloud Growth
by Data Center Frontier on 1/31/2017
Tags: Virginia, Illinois, California, Texas, Verizon, EdgeConneX, Chicago, Amazon, CyrusOne, Dallas, Washington D.C, Equinix, Washington, North America, Santa Clara, Ashburn, Digital Realty, Sterling, RagingWire, Sabey and more..

Central Colo Enters Northern Virginia Data Center Market
by Data Center Frontier on 1/25/2017
Tags: Virginia, USA, California, Austria, ByteGrid, Silicon Valley, Washington, Vienna, Ashburn, Sterling, Green, Level 3, San Francisco, Equinix, CyrusOne, Washington D.C, Cooling, Construction, Colocation, Cloud and more..

Who Leased the Most Data Center Space in 2016?
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/18/2017
Tags: Texas, California, Arizona, Virginia, Illinois, Phoenix, North America, Santa Clara, Ashburn, Sterling, San Antonio, Silicon Valley, Turkey, RagingWire, Structure Research, EdgeConneX, Chicago, Dallas, Digital Realty, Amazon and more..

DBT-DATA Markets Development Sites Amid Ashburn Building Boom
by Data Center Frontier on 1/16/2017
Tags: Virginia, Ashburn, USA, RagingWire, Sterling, Washington D.C, Equinix, Washington, Digital Realty, Amazon, Sabey, CyrusOne, Networking, Merger, UPS, Construction, Green, Cloud

Data Suggests Brexit Failed to Knock Tech Investment in U.K.
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/12/2017
Tags: United Kingdom, Virginia, Facebook, Google, Sterling, Microsoft, London, Netherlands, Europe, Amazon

Thursday Roundup: CenturyLink, Equinix,, Zayo
by Telecom Ramblings on 1/12/2017
Tags: Equinix, CenturyLink, Zayo, USA, California, Virginia, Financial, SDN, San Diego, Sterling, Florida, Cloud, Construction

Brexit Hits Home as U.K. Government Grapples With Microsoft Hike
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/27/2016
Tags: Microsoft, Europe, Sterling, Virginia, Cloud

Another Big Virginia Project for CyrusOne
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/9/2016
Tags: Virginia, CyrusOne, Sterling, Merger, Construction

RagingWire Breaking Ground on New Ashburn Data Center
by Data Center Frontier on 12/5/2016
Tags: Virginia, Ashburn, USA, Texas, Nevada, California, Japan, RagingWire, Digital Realty, Reston, Tokyo, Amazon, Sterling, Facebook, Virtual, CoreSite, Microsoft, Oracle, Rackspace, CyrusOne and more..

DCK Exclusive: Infomart President John Sheputis Talks Strategy
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/2/2016
Tags: California, USA, Oregon, Virginia, Texas, Silicon Valley, Equinix, San Jose, Santa Clara, Portland, Ashburn, Sterling, Merger, Dallas, Cooling, UPS, Construction, Green, Colocation, Cloud and more..

Cloud Builders: Data Center Supply Chain is Ripe for Disruption
by Data Center Frontier on 11/3/2016
Tags: Arizona, USA, Virginia, Texas, Ireland, Illinois, Emerson, Facebook, Phoenix, Data Center Design, San Antonio, Dublin, Amazon, Belgium, Ashburn, Sterling, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, CyrusOne and more..

CyrusOne Q3 Earnings - Trick or Treat?
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/1/2016
Tags: USA, Virginia, CyrusOne, Arizona, Georgia, California, Illinois, Sterling, Sprint, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, Florida, Nevada, Santa Clara, Colocation, Cloud, Stock, Construction, Merger and more..

CyrusOne Will Enter Santa Clara Data Center Market
by Data Center Frontier on 10/27/2016
Tags: California, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, CyrusOne, Arizona, Santa Clara, USA, San Jose, San Antonio, Silicon Valley, Sterling, Equinix, Digital Realty, CoreSite, Washington, Microsoft, QTS, Yahoo, Chicago and more..

The Ashburn Data Center Building Boom Hits New Heights
by Data Center Frontier on 10/6/2016
Tags: Virginia, California, Ashburn, New Mexico, Mexico, Jordan, Sabey, Santa Clara, Digital Realty, Richmond, Sterling, Amazon, Apple, CyrusOne, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, QTS, RagingWire, Silicon Valley and more..

Microsoft Reveals New Generation 5 Data Center Design
by Data Center Frontier on 9/27/2016
Tags: California, USA, Virginia, Microsoft, Illinois, Chicago, Servers, Facebook, Data Center Design, Oracle, Silicon Valley, Equinix, Washington, Iowa, Santa Clara, Ashburn, Sterling, RagingWire, CyrusOne, Cloud and more..

Huge Cloud Expansion Underway in Amazon US East
by Data Center Frontier on 9/8/2016
Tags: Virginia, Amazon, RagingWire, Sabey, Ashburn, Sterling, Equinix, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Digital Realty, USA, Cloud, Networking, Merger, UPS, Construction, Storage, Stock

Compu Dynamics to Present at the Fourth Annual Washington, D.C. & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit in Dulles, Virginia
by Telecom Newsroom on 9/7/2016
Tags: Virginia, USA, Washington, Twitter, Sterling, Data Center Design, Maryland, Amazon, CenturyLink, Cloud, Construction, Cooling, Outage, Colocation

Wednesday Roundup: Equinix, Level 3, UPN, CenturyLink
by Telecom Ramblings on 8/31/2016
Tags: Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Kansas, Equinix, CenturyLink, Level 3, Virginia, Colorado, Sao Paulo, Kansas City, Slough, Sterling, London, Rio de Janeiro, Networking, Colocation, Construction

Eliminate IT Expansion Risk and Uncertainty with Hyper-Scale Data Centers
by Data Center Frontier on 8/16/2016
Tags: Virginia, Arizona, Phoenix, USA, CyrusOne, Gartner, Sterling, Construction, Modular, Cooling, Colocation, Cloud

CoreSite Cranks Up Data Center Construction Spending
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/16/2016
Tags: Virginia, California, Colorado, CoreSite, USA, Sterling, Denver, CyrusOne, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Reston, Amazon, Ashburn, Santa Clara, Merger, Cloud, Construction

Record Second-Quarter Leasing Fuels Data Center Land Rush
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/15/2016
Tags: USA, California, Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, France, Arizona, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Illinois, Frankfurt, London, Phoenix, San Antonio, Silicon Valley, Paris, Reston, New York, Oregon and more..

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