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Wednesday Roundup: Interxion, CoreSite, Avelacom
by Telecom Ramblings on 11/8/2017
Tags: Australia, CoreSite, Interxion, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Israel, London, Sydney, Virginia, Germany, Europe, Mumbai, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Oracle, Frankfurt, Hires, Cloud

What is Good Data Center Monitoring?
by Data Center Journal on 8/18/2017
Tags: Tel Aviv, Israel

GigaSpaces Spins Off Cloudify, Its Open Source Cloud Orchestration Unit
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/27/2017
Tags: New York, USA, California, Israel, New York City, San Jose, Tel Aviv, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, VMware, Virtual, Cloud, Modular

Monitoring Nirvana
by Data Center Journal on 7/10/2017
Tags: Tel Aviv, Israel

CloudHealth Technologies Raises $46 Million on Path to IPO
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/27/2017
Tags: The Netherlands, USA, Australia, Israel, Amazon, Amsterdam, Washington D.C, Singapore, Sydney, Washington, Tel Aviv, Google, VMware, Twitter, Stock, Hewlett Packard, Cloud, Merger, Hires

Wix Rally `Nowhere Near' End After 200% Gain, Chairman Says
by Web Host Industry Review on 3/6/2017
Tags: Israel, New York, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv, USA, Merger, Stock

Wix Acquires DeviantArt to Add Community-Building Capability
by Web Host Industry Review on 2/23/2017
Tags: California, Israel, Tel Aviv, USA, Los Angeles, Cloud, Stock, Merger

Israeli Cybersecurity Industry Grows as Global Threats Multiply
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/26/2017
Tags: Israel, Tel Aviv, Ireland, Gartner, Hires, Merger

ISV Atera Rides Wave of SaaS MSP Tools
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/25/2016
Tags: Tel Aviv, Israel, Managed hosting, Storage, Cloud

Enterprise datacentre protection company GuardiCore raises $20 million.
by on 7/20/2016
Tags: Israel, California, Cisco, USA, San Francisco, SDN, Tel Aviv, Cloud, Virtual, Modular

Two-Thirds of Companies See Insider Data Theft, Accenture Says
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/27/2016
Tags: Israel, Intel, Tel Aviv, Cloud, Asia

Wix Takes Aim at Squarespace With AI-Driven Website Creator
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/9/2016
Tags: Israel, USA, New York, California, Tel Aviv, San Francisco

Microsoft Ventures to Bring Early-Stage Startups into Its Cloud Ecosystem
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/31/2016
Tags: Microsoft, New York, Washington, California, USA, Israel, Seattle, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York City, Green, Cloud

Oracle Announced they will Acquire Crosswise
by The Hosting News on 4/19/2016
Tags: California, Israel, USA, Oracle, Santa Clara, Tel Aviv, Merger

Cloudyn Raises $11M to Expand Private Cloud Monitoring Chops
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/14/2015
Tags: Israel, Google, VMware, Amazon, North America, Microsoft, Tel Aviv, Cloud, Modular, Virtual, USA

Inside Amazon’s Cloud Computing Infrastructure
by Data Center Frontier on 9/23/2015
Tags: USA, California, Amazon, Israel, Los Angeles, Oregon, Tel Aviv, Servers, Facebook, Google, Virginia, Digital Realty, Microsoft, New York, Intel, Gartner, Modular, Storage, Networking, Green and more..

Forty-nine global cloud providers sign up to the OnApp Federation
by The Hosting News on 7/29/2015
Tags: Canada, Kansas, OnApp, Georgia, Texas, California, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Ukraine, Oregon, Israel, Lisbon and more..

Virtual Container Security Suite TwistLock Launches with $2.5M Seed Funding
by Web Host Industry Review on 5/7/2015
Tags: Israel, California, USA, Microsoft, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Virtual, Green, Cloud, Modular

PayPal Acquires Israeli Cybersecurity Startup CyActive
by Web Host Industry Review on 3/10/2015
Tags: Israel, Tel Aviv, Merger, Green

Amazon Buys Stealthy Israeli Chip Startup Annapurna Labs
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/23/2015
Tags: Israel, Amazon, Tel Aviv, Google, Microsoft, Stock, Cloud, Storage, Merger, Hires, Networking

Web Security Outlook for 2015: Mega Vulnerabilities Expected to Fuel DDoS Attacks
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/22/2015
Tags: North America, Tel Aviv, Financial, EMC, Israel, Webhosting, Outage, Construction, Green, DDoS, Storage, USA

83North announces US$200 million venture fund
by on 1/7/2015
Tags: Israel, United Kingdom, Europe, London, Tel Aviv, EMC, Cloud, Merger

Israeli Enterprise Hadoop Startup Xplenty Says US Market Momentum Strong
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/22/2014
Tags: Israel, Amazon, Google, SoftLayer, Tel Aviv, IBM, Rackspace, Hires, Cloud

Cybersecurity Startups in Israel Have a Chance to Receive $1 Million in Funding
by Web Host Industry Review on 7/30/2014
Tags: Israel, USA, Microsoft, Cisco, Europe, Akamai, Maryland, Tel Aviv, Outage, Green, Stock, Hires, Cloud

Toshiba Corporation Completes Acquisition of OCZ Technology Group’s Assets and Launches New Subsidiary, OCZ Storage Solutions
by Data Center Journal on 1/22/2014
Tags: California, Israel, USA, Irvine, San Jose, Tel Aviv, Storage, Virtual, United Kingdom

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