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Kiev News

RETN to Acquire OPTRON
by Telecom Ramblings on 1/15/2018
Tags: Germany, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Warsaw, Kiev, Europe, Riga, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Moscow, Ireland, Merger, United Kingdom, Networking

New Ransomware Attack Infects Computers Across Europe: Organizations Still Have Loose Security, According to NordVPN
by Data Center Journal on 10/26/2017
Tags: Europe, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Kiev, Russia

Cyberattack Continues to Clog Port Systems, Major Networks
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/28/2017
Tags: India, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Intel, Microsoft, Verizon, Russia, London, Moscow, Europe, Asia, North America, Hamburg, Mumbai, Jersey, Kiev, New York, Washington, New Jersey and more..

New Cyberattack Goes Global, Hits WPP, Rosneft, Maersk
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/27/2017
Tags: USA, Ukraine, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Moscow, New York, Kiev, Microsoft, Rotterdam, Russia, Twitter, Europe, Jersey, Verizon, London, New Jersey, Netherlands, Facebook, Outage, Modular and more..

Ukrtelelcom starts datacentre services to Kievenergo
by on 6/13/2016
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev, Storage

Ukraine Emerges as Bogus Routing Source
by Renesys Blog on 3/14/2016
Tags: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Brazil, British Telecom, Amsterdam, Washington, Moscow, Intel, Sofia, Europe, Sao Paulo, Colombia, Russia, Kiev, Belarus, Argentina, kt, Asia, Merger, The Netherlands and more..

Forty-nine global cloud providers sign up to the OnApp Federation
by The Hosting News on 7/29/2015
Tags: Canada, Kansas, OnApp, Georgia, Texas, California, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Ukraine, Oregon, Israel, CDN and more..

Ukrtelecom Kiev datacentre hosts Vega's equipment
by on 4/22/2015
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev, Storage, Colocation

UK traffic diverted through Ukraine
by Renesys Blog on 3/13/2015
Tags: Ukraine, New York, Germany, USA, Canada, Texas, Illinois, London, Kiev, Manchester, Sheffield, Europe, India, Ireland, Russia, Toronto, Google, Intel, Telehouse, British Telecom and more..

ATM adds Kiev IP exchange node
by on 1/27/2015
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Europe, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Peering

Pro-Russian Hackers Take Down German Government Websites with DDoS Attack
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/8/2015
Tags: Russia, Kiev, Germany, Ukraine, Green, Outage

Ukrtelecom hosting services for DTEK
by on 10/13/2014
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev

No turning back: Russia activates Crimean cable
by Renesys Blog on 7/31/2014
Tags: Ukraine, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, Kiev, Europe, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Moscow, Green, Networking, USA, Construction

Free Web Hosting Discontinued in Ukraine; Parent Company May Be Involved in Unrest
by Web Host Industry Review on 7/30/2014
Tags: Ukraine, Russia, Kiev, Europe, kt, Merger, Webhosting, Outage, Green

Zinwave Wideband Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Enhances Network Coverage in Sports Stadiums and Arenas
by Data Center Journal on 7/7/2014
Tags: Colorado, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Warsaw, Kiev, Denver, United Kingdom, Colocation

Bitrix24 Takes on Box, OneDrive, Dropbox and GoogleDrive with New Desktop App
by The Hosting News on 3/21/2014
Tags: Google, kt, Ukraine, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Kiev, Storage, Green, Cloud

Wnet opens new Kiev datacentre
by on 12/16/2013
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev

Bitrix24 Beefs Up Telephony With New Version Of Its Cloud Service
by The Hosting News on 12/13/2013
Tags: Ukraine, Moscow, Kiev, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Microsoft, Cloud, Storage, United Kingdom, Virtual

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