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British Telecom News

U.S. Spies Think China Wants to Read Your E-Mail
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/13/2016
Tags: China, Cisco, Verizon, Australia, British Telecom, Beijing, USA, Intel, Russia, Networking

Is Microsoft’s Skype for Business worth the hype?
by Telecom Ramblings on 7/5/2016
Tags: Microsoft, Google, British Telecom, Utah, North America, Jordan, Asia, USA, Cloud, Managed hosting, Merger, Storage, United Kingdom

NY4: Inside Equinix’s Crown Jewel in New Jersey
by Data Center Knowledge on 4/19/2016
Tags: Equinix, New Jersey, Jersey, USA, British Telecom, Merger, UPS

Ukraine Emerges as Bogus Routing Source
by Renesys Blog on 3/14/2016
Tags: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Brazil, British Telecom, Amsterdam, Washington, Moscow, Intel, Sofia, Europe, Sao Paulo, Colombia, Russia, Kiev, Belarus, Argentina, kt, Asia, Merger, The Netherlands and more..

BT Lands Huge EU Government Cloud Contracts
by The Hosting News on 1/15/2016
Tags: British Telecom, Europe, United Kingdom, Cloud

EU Hands Huge Government Cloud Contracts to BT
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/13/2016
Tags: Equinix, Interxion, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, British Telecom, Europe, United Kingdom, Colocation, USA, Cloud

Manx Telecom appoints new CFO
by on 12/22/2015
Tags: British Telecom, Africa, Financial, Hires

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Data Centers: Filling the Plan and Test Gaps
by Data Center Journal on 8/10/2015
Tags: Disaster Recovery, IBM, Intel, Sprint, Ricoh, Maryland, Europe, Asia, Latin America, 451 Research, British Telecom, Rackspace, VMware, USA, Amazon, Business Continuity, Construction, Virtual, Hires, Cloud and more..

Canadian Telco Ormuco Launches HP Helion-Based Cloud
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/5/2015
Tags: USA, New York, Canada, United Kingdom, Washington, Texas, Germany, Florida, California, Orlando, Montreal, Seattle, Europe, Intel, Verizon, Telefonica, British Telecom, New York City, Dallas, Frankfurt and more..

Connecting the Hybrid Cloud
by Data Center Journal on 4/29/2015
Tags: Microsoft, Sprint, British Telecom, Ricoh, Maryland, Europe, Asia, Latin America, EMC, VMware, Amazon, USA, Cloud, Storage, Hires, Rackspace, Networking

Markley Raises $240M to Finance Data Center Expansion
by Data Center Knowledge on 4/23/2015
Tags: Massachusetts, USA, Boston, New York, British Telecom, VMware, NTT, Cloud, Construction, Peering, Storage, United Kingdom

UK traffic diverted through Ukraine
by Renesys Blog on 3/13/2015
Tags: Ukraine, New York, Germany, USA, Canada, Texas, Illinois, London, Kiev, Manchester, Sheffield, Europe, India, Ireland, Russia, Toronto, Google, Intel, Telehouse, British Telecom and more..

Google Bans Adult Content from Blogger Sites, Gives Users One Month to Comply
by Web Host Industry Review on 2/24/2015
Tags: Google, Yahoo, British Telecom, Green

The Vast World of Fraudulent Routing
by Renesys Blog on 1/29/2015
Tags: USA, Russia, Pakistan, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Amazon, Google, Frankfurt, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Intel, Romania, Level 3, Cogent and more..

With Colocation Security, Never Assume Anything
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/26/2015
Tags: Cisco, British Telecom, Colombia, Europe, Cloud, SDN, USA, Colocation

How Supercomputers Are Helping the Data Center Evolve
by Data Center Journal on 12/15/2014
Tags: IBM, Intel, British Telecom, United Kingdom, SDN, Microsoft, Storage, Virtual, Hewlett Packard, Supercomputer, Networking

BT opens new Colombia datacentre
by on 11/17/2014
Tags: Colombia, British Telecom, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Latin America, Venezuela, Colocation, USA, Cloud, Business Continuity, Construction

How Mature Is Your Network - And Is It Ready for SDN and NFV?
by Telecom Ramblings on 11/13/2014
Tags: SDN, Germany, Facebook, Twitter, Düsseldorf, British Telecom, Google, Virtual, Networking, Cloud, USA

BT to expand in Nieuwegein, Netherlands
by Datacenter Dynamics on 10/1/2014
Tags: The Netherlands, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Europe, British Telecom, Amsterdam, Cloud, Construction

Cisco Expands Intercloud With Addition of Over 30 Partners and $1 Billion Investment
by The Hosting News on 9/29/2014
Tags: Cisco, Equinix, NTT, British Telecom, T-Mobile, Cloud, Construction

Sprint, Windstream: Latest ISPs to hijack foreign networks
by Renesys Blog on 9/12/2014
Tags: Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Sprint, Czech Republic, France, California, Austria, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Warsaw, Porto, Brazil, Munich, Macedonia, Iceland, Paris, Prague, Frankfurt and more..

Microsoft Adds Private Azure Connectivity in Five US Markets, Hong Kong and Singapore
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/22/2014
Tags: USA, Washington, Hong Kong, Singapore, Microsoft, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, United Kingdom, California, The Netherlands, Atlanta, British Telecom, Dallas, New York, London, Seattle, Verizon, Europe, Asia and more..

Indonesia Hijacks the World
by Renesys Blog on 4/3/2014
Tags: USA, Indonesia, North Carolina, Akamai, Twitter, British Telecom, London, California, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Financial, Virginia, China, India, Facebook, Turkey, Charlotte, Afghanistan, CDN and more..

Mirantis OpenStack Training and Certification Programs Hit 1,000 Trainee Milestone
by Web Host Industry Review on 3/13/2014
Tags: Rackspace, British Telecom, EMC, VMware, Cloud, Green, Storage, Virtual

Datameer Secures $19 Million for Big Data Analytics
by Data Center Knowledge on 12/20/2013
Tags: California, Amazon, San Francisco, Europe, Microsoft, USA, British Telecom, Green, Storage, Construction, Disaster Recovery, Cloud

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