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Financial News

Fueling Financial-Services Growth With High-Performance NVMe Storage
by Data Center Journal on 9/25/2018
Tags: Storage, Financial

How to attract investment in the data centre sector
by Data Economy on 4/12/2018
Tags: Financial, Cloud

Infomart Drops the Other Shoe, Sells to IPI Partners
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/22/2018
Tags: Texas, California, Virginia, Ashburn, Financial, Dallas, San Jose, Equinix, USA, Construction, Merger

UPN to Buy Level 3’s Albuquerque Metro Footprint
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/14/2018
Tags: USA, New Mexico, Level 3, Idaho, Albuquerque, Financial, tw telecom, Texas, Colorado, CenturyLink, Mexico, Oklahoma, Boise, Construction, Networking, Colocation

AMP to Acquire Everstream
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/12/2018
Tags: USA, Wisconsin, India, Financial, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Merger, Networking

The Financial Services Industry Looks to the Cloud
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/5/2018
Tags: Financial, Gartner, Cloud

Antin to Buy FirstLight Fiber
by Telecom Ramblings on 2/21/2018
Tags: United Kingdom, France, Financial, London, Paris, Networking

Cloud M&A: Unitas Global Buys Solinea
by Telecom Ramblings on 2/8/2018
Tags: Financial, Cloud, Modular

Upgrade to 5G Costs $200 Billion a Year and May Not Be Worth It
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/18/2017
Tags: California, USA, Portugal, Lisbon, Financial, Sacramento, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon

Cybersecurity for Novices Has U.K. Firm Trouncing Silicon Valley
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/15/2017
Tags: California, United Kingdom, Silicon Valley, USA, Financial, London, Japan, Europe, Cloud, Stock, Merger

U.K. Banks Aren't Telling Regulators About All Cyber Attacks
by Web Host Industry Review on 12/8/2017
Tags: London, Financial, United Kingdom

Amazon Shows New Cloud Services in Bid to Top Rivals
by Web Host Industry Review on 11/29/2017
Tags: Amazon, Microsoft, Gartner, Las Vegas, Financial, USA, Nevada, Cloud

Friday Bytes: Ciena, Verizon, magicJack
by Telecom Ramblings on 11/10/2017
Tags: Verizon, Financial, SDN, Stock, Networking, Merger

Thursday Bytes: Equinix, NTT, RETN
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/26/2017
Tags: France, NTT, Equinix, Spain, Italy, Virginia, China, Europe, Marseille, Milan, Ashburn, Financial, Madrid, Juniper, Paris, Hong Kong, Interxion, Green, Construction

IBM Expects Sales to Grow for the First Time in Five Years
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/18/2017
Tags: Italy, Berkshire, Rome, USA, Financial, New York, IBM, United Kingdom, Storage, Cloud, Stock

Vantage Moves Into Northern Virginia
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/11/2017
Tags: Virginia, California, Ashburn, Washington, Financial, USA, Silicon Valley, Construction, Merger

NBA's Knicks Set Uniform Patch Sponsorship With Squarespace
by Web Host Industry Review on 10/10/2017
Tags: Oklahoma, Spain, Canada, Financial, Cloud, Oklahoma City, IBM, Barcelona, New York, Toronto, UPS, USA

Financial Sector's Top Five AI Challenges, According to Morgan Stanley
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/29/2017
Tags: Financial, Financial

Colo M&A: 365 Data Centers Buys
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/28/2017
Tags: Florida, 365 Data Centers, Miami, Boca Raton, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Financial, USA, Networking, Colocation, Cloud, Managed hosting, Business Continuity

Neutral Path Acquires Infinity Fiber
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/25/2017
Tags: USA, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas City, Chicago, South Bend, India, Minneapolis, Omaha, Financial, Denver, Indianapolis, Construction, Merger, Networking, Asia and more..

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Is Said to Plan About 5,000 Job Cuts
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/22/2017
Tags: Amazon, Google, California, Financial, USA, Cloud, Hires, Hewlett Packard

Equifax Is Said to Suffer a Hack Earlier Than Date Disclosed
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/19/2017
Tags: Georgia, Financial, Atlanta, Stock, USA

Rackspace Adds Multi-Cloud Heft with Datapipe Acquisition
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/11/2017
Tags: Datapipe, Rackspace, Equinix, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Brazil, Russia, Europe, China, Financial, Cloud, Colocation, Managed hosting, Merger

HPE Surprises With Revenue Gain After Slimming Down
by Web Host Industry Review on 9/6/2017
Tags: USA, Amazon, California, New York, Twitter, Financial, Networking, Hewlett Packard, Storage, Hires, Merger, Cloud, Stock

Telcos Move to Sharing Economy as Fiber Dream Grips Europe
by Web Host Industry Review on 8/25/2017
Tags: Europe, Sweden, Telefonica, London, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Intel, Austria, Financial, Stockholm, United Kingdom, Ireland, Stock, Networking, Merger, Virtual, T-Mobile and more..

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