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DDoS News

DDoS victims are often willing to pay out ransoms, says study
by Fierce Telecom on 7/31/2017
Tags: Outage, DDoS

Checklist for Getting a Grip on DDOS Attacks and the Botnet Army
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/14/2017
Tags: Gartner, Modular, Virtual, Networking, Outage, DDoS

Perimeter Security: Strategies for Data Center Protection
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/12/2017
Tags: Intel, Europe, Asia, EMC, Florida, USA, Outage, Virtual, Hires, Cloud, DDoS, Networking, Storage

Metro Bytes: Lightower, Zayo, Corero, Faction
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/2/2017
Tags: USA, Lightower, Zayo, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Michigan, Indiana, India, Ohio, Outage, Cloud, Networking, DDoS

Level 3 Adds Asian DDoS Depth
by Telecom Ramblings on 1/16/2017
Tags: USA, Level 3, Illinois, Texas, Germany, California, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Asia, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Washington, Tokyo and more..

iomart works with Crossword on machine learning approach to cyber defence
by on 9/9/2016
Tags: Cloud, Outage, DDoS

HostingCon Spotlight: Leon Kuperman, CTO of ZENEDGE, Discusses Cybersecurity and the Launch of Its Single IP Protection
by Telecom Newsroom on 7/26/2016
Tags: Outage, Cloud, DDoS

The importance of network security in the age of the Internet of Things
by Telecom Ramblings on 7/15/2016
Tags: Europe, Outage, DDoS

Enterprise Internetworking Simplified: Social + Network Automation
by Telecom Ramblings on 6/20/2016
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Cloud, Virtual, Outage, Networking, DDoS

Zayo debuts DDoS mitigation service, protects up to 120G of attacks
by Fierce Telecom on 6/17/2016
Tags: Zayo, Outage, DDoS

Friday's Five: A Handful of Tech Headlines You May Have Missed, May 13
by Web Host Industry Review on 5/13/2016
Tags: Google, Yahoo, New York, Philippines, Bangladesh, USA, Outage, DDoS

Keep Your Website Protected From a DDoS Attack
by The Hosting News on 4/27/2016
Tags: Cloud, Outage, DDoS

Thinking Different: Data Centers and IoT
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/18/2016
Tags: Nevada, Cisco, Google, USA, Las Vegas, Outage, DDoS

Is it Possible for a Cyber Attack to Take Down an Entire Web Host?
by The Hosting News on 1/26/2016
Tags: Financial, Networking, Hires, Outage, DDoS

Webair to Discuss Multi-Layer DDoS Mitigation Strategies at Hackfest 2015
by Telecom Newsroom on 11/5/2015
Tags: Canada, California, USA, New York, CDN, Servers, Los Angeles, Dedicated Server, Montreal, Amsterdam, Facebook, Twitter, The Netherlands, Outage, DDoS, Colocation, Managed hosting, Cloud

N4Protect DDoS service launches
by on 10/29/2015
Tags: Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Outage, Colocation, DDoS

VIRTUS to offer expert DDoS detection and mitigation services
by on 9/23/2015
Tags: Outage, United Kingdom, DDoS

Console Connect LIVE 2015 Includes Leading Speakers and Prime Sponsors
by Telecom Newsroom on 9/8/2015
Tags: California, Colorado, Florida, Hurricane Electric, T5 Data Centers, kt, San Francisco, Virginia, QTS, North America, Europe, Asia, Equinix, Microsoft, Zayo, Amazon, 451 Research, Orlando, Denver, Silicon Valley and more..

UD to defend DHS datacentres from cyber attacks
by on 9/7/2015
Tags: Delaware, USA, Outage, DDoS

EdgeConneX partners with CloudFlare
by on 8/25/2015
Tags: EdgeConneX, CDN, Cloud, Outage, DDoS

CloudFlare Moves In With EdgeConnex
by Telecom Ramblings on 8/24/2015
Tags: Cloud, Akamai, Level 3, EdgeConneX, CDN, Outage, DDoS

IIX Launches Console Inc. and Announces Unveiling of Its Revolutionary Console Platform
by Telecom Newsroom on 8/10/2015
Tags: California, USA, San Francisco, Cisco, Akamai, Outage, Cloud, DDoS

Level 3 Acquires DDoS Mitigation Company Black Lotus
by The Hosting News on 7/6/2015
Tags: Twitter, Facebook, Level 3, Outage, Networking, Cloud, Merger, Webhosting, DDoS

Level 3 acquires Black Lotus
by on 7/2/2015
Tags: Level 3, Webhosting, Outage, Merger, DDoS

Level 3 acquires Black Lotus, enhances DDoS mitigation capabilities
by Fierce Telecom on 7/1/2015
Tags: Level 3, Outage, Merger, DDoS

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