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Active Power News

GE Adds Flywheel Energy Storage to UPS Lineup
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/21/2016
Tags: Emerson, Yahoo, Austin, Active Power, USA, Texas, UPS, Storage, Merger, Cooling, APC

Piller to acquire Active Power
by on 10/5/2016
Tags: Active Power, USA, Texas, Germany, UPS, Austin, United Kingdom, France, Storage, Merger, Stock, Modular

Piller Buys Cash-Strapped Active Power
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/3/2016
Tags: Texas, Active Power, Emerson, Raritan, Austin, New Jersey, Germany, Europe, Jersey, UPS, Storage, Merger, Asia, Outage, USA, Modular, Cloud

Going Above and Beyond the Four Trends That are Driving the Intelligent PDU Market
by Data Center Frontier on 10/3/2016
Tags: Intel, DCIM, Emerson, Active Power, CPI, USA, UPS, Green, Storage, Virtual, Networking, Cooling

Active Power Aims at Cloud Data Centers with Longer UPS Runtime
by Data Center Knowledge on 9/16/2016
Tags: Active Power, Yahoo, UPS, Colocation, Cloud, Construction, Modular, Storage

Faster Flywheel Brings Longer UPS Backup for Active Power
by Data Center Frontier on 9/13/2016
Tags: Active Power, UPS, Colocation, Outage, Construction, Modular, Green, Storage

Conditioned Data Center Power as a Service?
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/24/2016
Tags: Active Power, Geneva, Cooling, UPS, Modular, Switzerland, Cloud

Active Power appoints Steven Sams to board of directors
by on 2/17/2016
Tags: Active Power, IBM, UPS, Hires, Storage

Hydro66 deploys Active Power Flywheel UPS at Node Pole datacentre
by on 2/5/2016
Tags: Active Power, Sweden, UPS, Colocation, Cooling, Green, Storage

Datacloud 2016 highlights cloud connectivity, fibre networks, datacentre as critical eco system for business users
by on 1/12/2016
Tags: Digital Realty, Level 3, Active Power, Finland, Europe, Africa, Cloud, UPS, Networking

Putting Pen to Paper - Four Essential Factors to Calculating TCO on UPS Equipment
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/28/2015
Tags: Active Power, Cooling, UPS, Outage, Green, Storage

Eaton Packages Data Center Power Gear in Containers
by Data Center Knowledge on 4/7/2015
Tags: Eaton, Active Power, UPS, APC, Cooling, Construction, Modular, Networking

Hybrid Flywheel-Battery Data Center UPS Extends Runtime
by Data Center Knowledge on 4/1/2015
Tags: Active Power, Microsoft, Colocation, UPS, Outage, Green, Storage

Bloom’s Mission Critical Man Gross Joins Active Power Board
by Data Center Knowledge on 2/20/2015
Tags: USA, Active Power, eBay, Austin, UPS, North Carolina, California, Servers, Apple, Texas, CenturyLink, Utah, Modular, Construction, Merger, Hewlett Packard

TCU Deploys Active Power Modular Power Systems to Protect Its New Data Center Hall
by Data Center Journal on 2/17/2015
Tags: Active Power, Texas, UPS, USA, Modular, Networking, Construction

UMCG selects Pon Power to protect new Dutch datacentre
by on 1/16/2015
Tags: Active Power, Netherlands, UPS

Capgemini selects Active Power to provide modular power infrastructure for datacentre expansion
by on 12/10/2014
Tags: Active Power, UPS, Construction, United Kingdom, Cooling, Modular, Green, Storage, Networking

Mitigating Risk of UPS System Failure
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/23/2014
Tags: Active Power, UPS, Outage, Storage, Networking

Industry Outlook: Flywheel UPS Systems for the Data Center
by Data Center Journal on 10/22/2014
Tags: Eaton, IBM, Europe, Louisville, Active Power, USA, Kentucky, Colocation, Cloud, UPS, Virtual, Modular, Cooling

Industry Thought Leaders to Discuss Grid of the Future
by Data Center Journal on 10/1/2014
Tags: USA, California, North Carolina, Emerson, Active Power, San Diego, New York, UPS, Green

Active Power CleanSource 750HD UPS Significantly Improves Electrical Infrastructure Reliability
by Data Center Journal on 8/28/2014
Tags: Active Power, UPS, Outage, Modular, Storage

Greening The Data Center
by Mission Critical Magazine on 8/7/2014
Tags: New York, USA, California, Santa Clara, New York City, Interxion, Active Power, Green, Modular, The Netherlands, UPS, Outage

The Evolution Of Modular Data Centers
by Mission Critical Magazine on 8/7/2014
Tags: Germany, California, Berlin, San Francisco, Texas, Europe, Asia, North America, Active Power, Facebook, Arizona, Emerson, Amazon, Phoenix, Modular, Hires, Cooling, Networking, Cloud, Construction and more..

Verizon converts five US colos to carrier-neutral
by Datacenter Dynamics on 6/20/2014
Tags: USA, California, Spain, Virginia, United Kingdom, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, Belgium, Turkey, Texas, Colorado, The Netherlands, Verizon, Boston, Dallas, London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Madrid and more..

Verizon sends Netflix cease and desist letter
by Datacenter Dynamics on 6/6/2014
Tags: California, Silicon Valley, CDN, New York, Active Power, Cloud, Verizon, Networking, Modular, USA, Peering, UPS

Active Power Reports

Prefabricated Modular Datacenters: 2014 and Beyond
by 451 Research on 12/19/2013
Tags: DCIM, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, CPI, eBay, Storage, Emerson and more..

Beyond The Basics: A Guide to DCIM Suppliers
by 451 Research on 10/18/2013
Tags: DCIM, Cisco, Dell, Eaton, Emerson, Fortrust, IBM, Microsoft and more..

Disruptive Technologies in the Datacenter
by 451 Research on 5/17/2013
Tags: USA, California, Massachusetts, DCIM, Eaton, kt, Intel, IBM and more..

Case Studies in Highly Energy-Efficient Datacenters
by 451 Research on 10/17/2011
Tags: Canada, DCIM, California, Massachusetts, Facebook, Google, kt, Winnipeg and more..

Datacenter 2.0 – The Industrial Evolution
by 451 Research on 9/8/2011
Tags: Digital Realty, Dell, Eaton, eBay, Emerson, Google, IBM, Microsoft and more..

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