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Bangladesh News

‘Anonymous' Joins Hacker Army Targeting Central Banks for Cash
by Web Host Industry Review on 3/17/2017
Tags: Poland, Italy, Stock, kt, Greece, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Financial, Mexico, IBM, Russia, Warsaw, United Kingdom, Milan

Microsoft, Qualcomm, Citi Join Israeli Cyber Syndicate
by Data Center Knowledge on 1/11/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Israel, Cisco, Singapore, New York, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Financial, USA

Microsoft, Qualcomm, Citi Join Israel's Team8 Cyber Syndicate
by Web Host Industry Review on 1/9/2017
Tags: Microsoft, Israel, USA, Cisco, California, New York, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Financial, Singapore

SEA-ME-WE-5 Completed
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/15/2016
Tags: France, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Marseille, Bangladesh, Italy, Egypt, Pakistan, Networking, Hires, United Arab Emirates, Construction

Super Sea Cable Networks launches SEAX cable in Singapore
by on 10/24/2016
Tags: Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Asia

Friday Roundup: Birch, Subcom, SEAX
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/21/2016
Tags: Facebook, Microsoft, Telefonica, Singapore, Virginia, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Asia, Cloud, Networking, Hires

Robi launches country’s first Private Cloud platform
by on 8/22/2016
Tags: Bangladesh, Colocation, Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Modular, Virtual

World Bank provides US$10m for Bangladesh datacentre
by on 7/26/2016
Tags: Bangladesh, Washington, Storage

US Data Center to Battle Islamic State Online Coming to Malaysia
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/14/2016
Tags: Florida, USA, Malaysia, Facebook, Twitter, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Orlando, Bangladesh, Washington, Jordan, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Construction

Fed Had Dozens of Cyber Breaches in Recent Years, Reuters Says
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/1/2016
Tags: Texas, New York, Bangladesh, Washington, USA

Friday's Five: A Handful of Tech Headlines You May Have Missed, May 13
by Web Host Industry Review on 5/13/2016
Tags: Google, Yahoo, New York, Philippines, Bangladesh, USA, Outage, DDoS

State-of-the-art Bangladeshi datacentre closer to reality
by on 4/22/2016
Tags: Bangladesh, China, Storage

IND Consulting opens d Bangladesh datacentres
by on 1/14/2016
Tags: India, Bangladesh, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, USA, Philippines, Chennai, Pune, Mexico

The Threat of Telecom Sabotage
by Renesys Blog on 10/30/2015
Tags: USA, Australia, Intel, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Asia, Africa, Perth, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Algeria, California, New York, Arizona, Singapore, Colombia and more..

Bangladeshi government’s datacentre project approved
by on 10/8/2015
Tags: Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Bangladesh datacentre gets go-ahead
by on 3/13/2015
Tags: Bangladesh, China, Construction

Bangladesh datacentre get green light
by on 1/28/2015
Tags: Bangladesh, China, Green

Turkish data centers ignore seismic threat
by Datacenter Dynamics on 1/21/2015
Tags: Turkey, Japan, Europe, Africa, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Colocation, Business Continuity

Bangladesh to house world’s fifth largest datacentre
by on 1/13/2015
Tags: Bangladesh, Cloud, Construction

Final Conference Agenda Announced for Capacity Asia 2014
by Telecom Newsroom on 11/10/2014
Tags: Thailand, Interxion, Amazon, Verizon, China Telecom, London, China, Bangkok, CDN, Malaysia, NTT, TATA, Bangladesh, Networking, United Kingdom, Asia, T-Mobile

Bangladesh considering earthquake zone for site of major datacentre
by on 10/3/2014
Tags: Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Bangladesh plans Tier 4 data center in earthquake zone
by Datacenter Dynamics on 10/1/2014
Tags: India, Bangladesh, Hyderabad, Mumbai, China, Stock, Asia

Bangladesh plans Tier 4 data center in quake zone
by Datacenter Dynamics on 10/1/2014
Tags: India, Bangladesh, Hyderabad, Mumbai, China, Stock, Asia

Construction Begins For SEA-ME-WE 5
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/24/2014
Tags: Singapore, France, Italy, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, USA, Construction

Alcatel-Lucent begins cable from France to Singapore
by Datacenter Dynamics on 9/24/2014
Tags: Singapore, France, Google, China Telecom, China Unicom, Italy, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, Asia, Bangladesh, Cloud, Construction and more..

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