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Int’l Roundup: Keppel, Tata, China Telecom Global, Digital Realty
by Telecom Ramblings on 9/18/2017
Tags: China Telecom, China, Dublin, Australia, Singapore, India, Europe, Ireland, Digital Realty, Construction, Green, Merger, Dupont Fabros, Cloud

Digital Realty Readies Massive Expansion in Ashburn
by Data Center Frontier on 9/15/2017
Tags: Virginia, Texas, Digital Realty, USA, Ashburn, Equinix, Telx, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RagingWire, Sabey, Cloud, Iron Mountain, Green, Dallas, Apple, CoreSite, CyrusOne, Facebook and more..

DCK Investor Edge: Here’s How Data Center REITs Did in the First Half of 2017
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/10/2017
Tags: Ireland, The Netherlands, Texas, Germany, California, United Kingdom, CoreSite, CyrusOne, Silicon Valley, QTS, Verizon, Amsterdam, Dublin, Virginia, Dallas, Frankfurt, Amazon, Europe, London, Peak 10 and more..

CloudHQ Unveils Massive New Manassas Data Center
by Data Center Frontier on 8/8/2017
Tags: Virginia, USA, Illinois, United Kingdom, Manassas, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Rackspace, QTS, RagingWire, Yahoo, Chicago, London, Digital Realty, Arizona, Ashburn, Merger, Cloud, Colocation and more..

DCK Investor Edge: Why Q2 Earnings are Crucial for Data Center Stocks
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/18/2017
Tags: Verizon, Virginia, Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, CyrusOne, Facebook, Miami, Manassas, Telx, Level 3, Microsoft, Latin America, Peak 10, QTS, Terremark, RagingWire, SoftLayer, ViaWest and more..

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: June 2017
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/30/2017
Tags: Nevada, United Kingdom, Colorado, Virginia, Microsoft, ViaWest, TierPoint, Las Vegas, London, Mexico, North America, Digital Realty, Peak 10, Twitter, Denver, Ashburn, Outage, Servers, Facebook, Merger and more..

DuPont Fabros: A Look at the Head-Spinning Valuation
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/22/2017
Tags: Equinix, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Dupont Fabros, Digital Realty, Stock, Construction, Merger

DCK Investor Edge: Digital Realty Signs Biggest Hyper-Scale Deal After All
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/13/2017
Tags: Virginia, California, Japan, Texas, Telx, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Europe, USA, RagingWire, Dallas, CyrusOne, Tokyo, NTT, Silicon Valley, Facebook, Ashburn and more..

Data Center M&A Scorecard: The Deals That Are Shaping the Cloud
by Data Center Frontier on 6/12/2017
Tags: California, CenturyLink, Verizon, Utah, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Massachusetts, Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Austria, Colorado, Dallas, London, San Francisco, Europe, Asia and more..

Zone Defense in the Cloud: Why Digital Realty Bought DFT
by Data Center Frontier on 6/12/2017
Tags: USA, California, Oregon, Virginia, Digital Realty, Canada, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, New Jersey, Europe, Toronto, Jersey, Santa Clara, Portland, Google and more..

DuPont Fabros Deal Gives Digital Realty More Firepower in the War for Cloud Deals
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/9/2017
Tags: California, Oregon, Virginia, Canada, Texas, Digital Realty, Amazon, Toronto, Santa Clara, IBM, Portland, Ashburn, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, CyrusOne, RagingWire, Structure Research, Facebook, Google and more..

Digital Realty Agrees to Buy DuPont Fabros in $7.6 Billion Deal
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/9/2017
Tags: California, Illinois, Canada, USA, Washington, Toronto, Santa Clara, Virginia, Digital Realty, Dupont Fabros, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Stock, Cloud, Merger, Storage, Networking

Digital Realty to Acquire DuPont Fabros in Blockbuster Deal
by Data Center Frontier on 6/9/2017
Tags: USA, California, Virginia, Illinois, Canada, Digital Realty, Arizona, Ashburn, Telx, Chicago, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, CyrusOne, Oregon, Toronto, Santa Clara, Colocation, Cloud, Construction, Merger and more..

DCK Investor Edge: Why RagingWire is a Data Center Company to Watch
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/5/2017
Tags: Nevada, Illinois, California, Japan, RagingWire, Equinix, Digital Realty, CyrusOne, NTT, e-shelter, Intel, India, Indonesia, Chicago, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Reno, United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia and more..

A Reflection of 10 Years of Data Center Alley in Loudoun County
by Data Center Frontier on 5/25/2017
Tags: Virginia, Japan, United Kingdom, Digital Realty, CyrusOne, Tokyo, Dupont Fabros, Ashburn, Sabey, London, Washington, Equinix, RagingWire, Networking, USA, Outage, Construction

DCK Investor Edge: CyrusOne — Catch Me If You Can
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/22/2017
Tags: Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, CyrusOne, USA, Modular, Digital Realty, Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Sterling, Dupont Fabros, Cloud, Construction, Stock, Asia

DCK Investor Edge: Why Money is Pouring Into Data Centers
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/11/2017
Tags: China, CoreSite, QTS, NTT, Digital Realty, Europe, Asia, Shanghai, Verizon, Iron Mountain, Hong Kong, Equinix, Beijing, Guangzhou, CyrusOne, Storage, Green, Stock, USA, Dupont Fabros and more..

Data Center REIT Results Show an Impressive New Normal
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/2/2017
Tags: Virginia, California, Illinois, Apple, CoreSite, Telecity, Verizon, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Reston, Equinix, Oregon, Europe, Santa Clara, Ashburn, Facebook, Telx, Digital Realty, Microsoft, USA and more..

DuPont Fabros Lands Massive Hyperscale Leases
by Data Center Frontier on 5/1/2017
Tags: USA, Virginia, California, Illinois, Google, Chicago, Amazon, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, Ireland, Denmark, Santa Clara, Ashburn, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Colocation, Cloud and more..

Strong Demand for Data Center Space in Northern Virginia
by Data Center Frontier on 3/23/2017
Tags: Virginia, California, Equinix, Digital Realty, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, CyrusOne, Santa Clara, Oracle, RagingWire, Amazon, Ashburn, Sterling, Iron Mountain, Silicon Valley, Apple, North America, Manassas, Cloud and more..

After Beating Its Own Leasing Record in 2016, DuPont Fabros Keeps Foot on Gas
by Data Center Knowledge on 3/2/2017
Tags: California, USA, Oregon, Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, Canada, Portland, Ashburn, Digital Realty, Apple, CyrusOne, Facebook, Microsoft, EdgeConneX, Chicago, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Santa Clara and more..

Loudoun County Prepares for Next Phase of Cloud Growth
by Data Center Frontier on 1/31/2017
Tags: Virginia, California, Texas, CyrusOne, Washington D.C, Equinix, Manassas, Washington, North America, Santa Clara, Ashburn, Digital Realty, Sterling, RagingWire, Sabey, Verizon, EdgeConneX, Chicago, Amazon, Illinois and more..

AMS-IX Chicago Releases Case Study on the Benefits of Peering
by Telecom Newsroom on 1/24/2017
Tags: Illinois, USA, The Netherlands, Chicago, New York, Netherlands, Cloud, Rackspace, VMware, Amsterdam, Dupont Fabros, Colocation, Peering, Hires

Data Center REITs Q3 Update - Is the Sky Really Falling?
by Data Center Knowledge on 11/7/2016
Tags: Illinois, California, CoreSite, Chicago, Silicon Valley, USA, CyrusOne, QTS, Virginia, Europe, Equinix, United Kingdom, Digital Realty, Asia, Cloud, Hires, Dupont Fabros, Stock

Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of October 28
by Data Center Knowledge on 10/29/2016
Tags: USA, Canada, Google, Level 3, Microsoft, Rackspace, Twitter, Colorado, Toronto, Merger, Equinix, Amazon, CenturyLink, Facebook, NTT, Cloud, Green, Storage, Dupont Fabros, Colocation and more..

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