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Reno News

DCK Up to Date: The Data Center Flash Briefing - June 19, 2018
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/19/2018
Tags: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, EdgeConneX, Reno, USA, Nevada, Storage, Virtual, Supercomputer, Networking, Cooling, Cloud, Outage

Searching for the Car Network’s Natural Edge
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/18/2018
Tags: EdgeConneX, Reno, USA, Nevada

GTT Adds Depth in North America, Asia
by Telecom Ramblings on 4/17/2018
Tags: Kansas, Japan, North America, Missouri, North Carolina, Canada, Nevada, Kansas City, St. Louis, Europe, Osaka, Interoute, USA, Tokyo, Charlotte, Calgary, Reno, Merger, Asia, Construction and more..

Zayo Adds New Webscale for Reno Route, Plus a Datacenter in France
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/19/2018
Tags: France, USA, Nevada, Reno, OnApp, Europe, California, Oregon, Mississippi, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Paris, Networking, Asia, Zayo, Colocation

Cloud Provider Taps Zayo to Achieve Triversity
by Telecom Ramblings on 2/15/2018
Tags: Zayo, USA, Nevada, Microsoft, Google, Oregon, Amazon, Reno, Asia, Cloud, Networking

Zayo Heads to Reno Again, From the North This Time
by Telecom Ramblings on 2/7/2018
Tags: USA, California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Reno, Idaho, Zayo, Sacramento, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boise, Networking, Asia, Construction

Apple Gets $208M in Tax Breaks to Build Iowa Data Centers
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/24/2017
Tags: USA, Iowa, Nevada, Apple, New Jersey, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, California, North Carolina, Oregon, Newark, Reno, Des Moines, Hires, Construction

Apple Said to Be Mulling Iowa Data Center
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/23/2017
Tags: USA, Iowa, Nevada, Apple, New Jersey, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, California, North Carolina, Oregon, Newark, Reno, Des Moines

Ambitious One-Gigawatt Data Center Planned in Norway
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/15/2017
Tags: Nevada, Norway, France, Europe, Reno, Lille, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Las Vegas, Cooling, Networking, Hires, USA

Switch Donates $3.4M in Data Center Services for Reno’s New Supercomputer
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/4/2017
Tags: Nevada, Reno, EMC, Intel, Las Vegas, eBay, IBM, Dell, North America, Storage, Networking, Supercomputer, Hewlett Packard, USA

DCK Investor Edge: JLL Says Cloud Data Center Hunger Has Subsided
by Data Center Knowledge on 8/1/2017
Tags: Canada, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, California, Texas, Georgia, Reno, Toronto, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Virginia and more..

Switch Refines MOD Data Center Design for Edge, Smart Cities
by Data Center Frontier on 7/27/2017
Tags: Nevada, USA, Thailand, Michigan, Italy, Georgia, Milan, Grand Rapids, Reno, Bangkok, Data Center Design, Emerson, Facebook, Intel, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Sweden, United Kingdom, Cooling, UPS and more..

Switch Offers to Build Custom-Size Data Centers Anywhere Clients Choose
by Data Center Knowledge on 7/27/2017
Tags: Nevada, Michigan, USA, Italy, Thailand, Grand Rapids, Las Vegas, Reno, eBay, Intel, Georgia, Atlanta, Amazon, Networking, Modular, Cloud, Colocation

Nevada Governor Vetoes Renewable Bill in Setback for Advocates
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/19/2017
Tags: USA, Nevada, France, Reno, New York, Equinix, Digital Realty, Apple, Paris, California, UPS, Networking, Green

Switch’s Las Vegas Data Center Stronghold Reaches North of 2 Million Square Feet
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/15/2017
Tags: Nevada, USA, Las Vegas, Georgia, Thailand, Modular, Michigan, Amazon, eBay, Atlanta, Reno, Italy, Networking, Colocation

Switch Expands Again, Boosting Las Vegas Campus to 2 Million SF
by Data Center Frontier on 6/15/2017
Tags: USA, Nevada, California, Italy, Michigan, Thailand, Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Las Vegas, Georgia, Virginia, Green, Amazon, Verizon, Atlanta, Chicago, eBay, San Francisco, Miami and more..

Switch Backs Away from Uptime's Tiers, Pushes Own Data Center Standard
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/8/2017
Tags: Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Reno, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Italy, Thailand, North America, Networking, USA, 451 Research, Colocation, Virtual, Modular, Storage

Switch Backs Away from Uptime’s Tiers, Pushes Own Data Center Standard
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/8/2017
Tags: Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Reno, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Italy, Thailand, North America, Networking, USA, 451 Research, Colocation, Virtual, Modular, Storage

DCK Investor Edge: Why RagingWire is a Data Center Company to Watch
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/5/2017
Tags: Nevada, Illinois, California, Japan, RagingWire, Equinix, Digital Realty, CyrusOne, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, North America, NTT, Tokyo, Philippines, Modular, e-shelter, Intel, India and more..

Data Centers Forge Ahead With Shift to Renewable Energy
by Data Center Frontier on 6/2/2017
Tags: Nevada, France, Amazon, Akamai, eBay, Facebook, VMware, Iron Mountain, Paris, Reno, USA, Equinix, Digital Realty, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Las Vegas, Green, Networking, Hewlett Packard and more..

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: May 2017
by Data Center Knowledge on 6/2/2017
Tags: Nevada, Michigan, Verizon, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Reno, Green, Atlanta, Norway, Houston, Grand Rapids, Terremark, Twitter, Las Vegas, Equinix, CenturyLink, CyrusOne, Facebook, IBM and more..

Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of May 26
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/27/2017
Tags: Nevada, Michigan, USA, Georgia, Supercomputer, Grand Rapids, CyrusOne, Facebook, Twitter, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Reno, Cooling, Networking, Cloud

Switch Plans Gigantic Atlanta Data Center Campus
by Data Center Knowledge on 5/25/2017
Tags: Nevada, USA, Michigan, Texas, Atlanta, Illinois, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Italy, Amazon, eBay, QTS, CBRE, Reno, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Virginia, Thailand, Networking and more..

The Keep is Coming: Switch Plans Huge Atlanta Cloud Campus
by Data Center Frontier on 5/25/2017
Tags: Nevada, California, Michigan, Italy, Atlanta, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Thailand, Alabama and more..

Keeping Pace With the Cloud: Lessons From Google and Microsoft
by Data Center Frontier on 5/23/2017
Tags: Nevada, Microsoft, Google, Utah, Facebook, Asia, Salt Lake City, Reno, Amazon, Servers, Las Vegas, CyrusOne, Intel, Oracle, eBay, Networking, Colocation, Cloud, USA, Construction and more..

Reno Reports


Reno Whitepapers

A Data Center Operations Guide for Maximum Reliability
by Robert D. McClary, FORTRUST on 2/27/2014
Tags: Arizona, Colorado, DCIM, Wisconsin, Nevada, Reno, Denver, Madison and more..

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