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Data Bytes: RagingWire, Equinix, Africa Data Centres
by Telecom Ramblings on 4/23/2018
Tags: Australia, Kenya, Equinix, Texas, Africa, California, RagingWire, Brisbane, Melbourne, Nairobi, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, USA, Perth, Virginia, SDN, Adelaide, Verizon, NTT and more..

Liquid Telecom to Tap KETRACO Footprint
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/19/2017
Tags: Kenya, Africa, Tanzania, Nairobi, Uganda, Construction, Networking

Int’l Bytes: Colt, Hurricane Electric, Coriant, Tata
by Telecom Ramblings on 10/13/2017
Tags: Ireland, Australia, Japan, Kenya, Asia, Africa, Tokyo, Sydney, Dublin, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nairobi, Hurricane Electric, Stock, Peering, Green, Networking

Int’l Bytes: Aqua Comms, Hurricane Electric, Telia, Colt, Interoute, Equinix
by Telecom Ramblings on 5/17/2017
Tags: Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Kenya, United Kingdom, Telia, Interoute, France, Italy, Poland, Equinix, Hurricane Electric, Helsinki, Marseille, Nairobi, Milan, Warsaw, Dubai, Stock and more..

Hurricane Electric Lands in the Middle East and Africa
by Telecom Ramblings on 3/10/2017
Tags: South Africa, Kenya, Hurricane Electric, Africa, India, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Singapore, Equinix, Mumbai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Construction, Peering

Metro Bytes: UPN, Liquid Telecom, CityFibre
by Telecom Ramblings on 12/2/2016
Tags: Iowa, Kenya, USA, Africa, Nairobi, Des Moines, Green, Networking, United Kingdom, Construction

Icolo building Nairobi datacentre
by on 11/3/2016
Tags: Kenya, Nairobi, Africa, Construction, Colocation

SEACOM adds more peering points in Europe and Africa
by on 6/24/2016
Tags: France, Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Europe, The Netherlands, Kenya, Marseille, Nairobi, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Stockholm, Asia, Stock, Peering

Stripe Helps 440 Global Tech Startups Offshore to Delaware
by Web Host Industry Review on 6/21/2016
Tags: Kenya, California, Delaware, kt, Nigeria, Brazil, Bermuda, Ireland, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Netherlands, Europe, Nairobi, Apple, USA, Networking

Icolo plans KES10 billion investment to set up datacentres
by on 11/17/2015
Tags: Kenya, Nairobi, Africa

Global Impacts of Recent Leaks
by Renesys Blog on 10/14/2015
Tags: France, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Kenya, Washington, Illinois, California, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vancouver, Shanghai, Marseille, New York, Africa, Vietnam, Venezuela, Germany and more..

IBM Announces New Digital Innovation Space in Kenya
by Web Host Industry Review on 7/27/2015
Tags: Kenya, IBM, Africa, SoftLayer, Nairobi, Green, Cloud

Pan-African data center chain planned
by Datacenter Dynamics on 12/2/2014
Tags: Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Germany, Nigeria, Nairobi, Ghana, Tanzania, Hewlett Packard, Stock, United Kingdom, Cloud, Supercomputer, Disaster Recovery, Construction

AccessKenya expands fibre investment
by on 11/25/2014
Tags: Kenya, Nairobi

AU to implement project to lower Africa’s internet cost
by on 11/10/2014
Tags: Africa, Luxembourg, Nairobi, Kenya, Peering

East Africa Data Centre expands to meet demand
by on 9/11/2014
Tags: Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, Construction

Data center saves Kenyan service providers US$1.5m
by Datacenter Dynamics on 6/25/2014
Tags: Kenya, Google, Africa, Nigeria, Nairobi, Peering, Construction

Flytxt publishes news letter on analytics-driven insight monetization opportunities for CSPs featuring Gartner Research
by Telecom Newsroom on 6/2/2014
Tags: India, North Carolina, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Cloud, Lagos, Kuala Lumpur, Asia, Nairobi, Mumbai, Dubai, United Kingdom, Charlotte, New Delhi, London, Netherlands, USA, Gartner and more..

Equity Bank to build US$34 million datacentre
by on 6/2/2014
Tags: Kenya, Nairobi, Africa

Pamoja to host cloud platform in Nairobi
by on 5/20/2014
Tags: Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, South Africa, Cloud

IBM promotes African Mainframe Innovation Hubs for cloud
by on 5/19/2014
Tags: South Africa, Kenya, Africa, IBM, Morocco, Johannesburg, Cloud, Nairobi, Nigeria, UPS

Liquid Telecom datacentre hosts KIXP
by on 1/14/2014
Tags: Kenya, Africa, Nairobi, Cloud, Peering, Disaster Recovery

Level 3 Expands CDN Footprint on Five Continents
by Telecom Ramblings on 11/7/2013
Tags: South Africa, Mexico, Bulgaria, Egypt, Japan, Norway, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Malaysia, Australia, Kenya, Warsaw, Oslo, Sofia, Africa, Cairo, Johannesburg, Latin America, Tokyo and more..

Telco opens East Africa’s “largest data center”
by Datacenter Dynamics on 9/19/2013
Tags: Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nairobi, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Networking, Cloud

New data center announced for Kenya
by Datacenter Dynamics on 9/12/2013
Tags: Kenya, Equinix, Africa, Europe, Nairobi, Colocation, Business Continuity, Merger, Construction, Networking

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