IO Data Center Solution

White paper by IO, published on 12/2/2016

These are all marketing terms being used to describe data center colocation offerings. (IO is no exception.)

But what do these terms really mean to an organization? What does "next-generation" or "2.0" or "future proof" or "hybrid"? do for those people who are responsible for data center operations? Why should a CIO or data center manager care if his data center is "next-generation"? Why look for a provider with an "enterprise hybrid solution"?

What is it about the IO data center solution that delivers truly scalable capacity where the status quo cannot? The IO data center solution delivers vertical and horizontal scalability ? it is a data center solution that flexes with your business. So you can scale up and down by increasing density (vertical scale), by expanding your footprint (horizontal scale), and by bursting or migrating workloads into an on-premises private cloud. To be clear: IO allows customers to dial up and dial down as demand changes. It′s an elastic colocation model.

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Tags: IO Data, Colocation, Cloud, Storage

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